Friday, July 15, 2011

Dreaming Big

Something that I missed most during my "everything sucks" phase, was dreaming of my our future.  We had dreams together.....once upon a time.  But those all became blurred and forgotten, the unmentioned.  Cause, quite honestly, we weren't sure we had a future to dream about.

Wednesday, we allowed ourselves to dream again.

We got home from our therapy session, put Kage in her new stroller (I forgot to tell you that I found a stroller on Craigslist) and took off on a walk to look at this house that I had seen earlier in the day.

Now, we're no where near ready to buy a house.  Not even close. 

But we dreamed. 

We walked through the neighborhood and dreamed about the day when  Kage would run down a sidewalk in a neighborhood just like this--and her little brother would be toddling behind her.

We dreamed of the house that we'll buy.  We dreamed of our future family.

It felt so good to dream. 

It felt so good to plan.

We agreed that our smartest "five year plan" is to stay in our current apartment through this lease and then for one more year.  That would put us apartment-bound til March of 2013.  *gulp!*  Hopefully I get a teaching job right after graduation (in December) and we can start throwing my salary at my ginormous student loans.  Ugh, they are insane.  But after a full year of paying on them, hopefully we'll be in a super good place to be able to afford a nice home in this area.  And once we buy our home, who knows what will come next.

I just know that dreaming and planning and goal setting is much more fun when it's with someone you love.

What is your five-year plan or goals for your family? 

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That house is super cute!!!

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