Friday, July 15, 2011

Weekend Warriors

Weekend Warriors

I am the worst at doing my own meme.  I mean, I have great intentions each week.  I think it's fun to think about the weekend and all of the fun things that I hope to fill it with....but rarely do I take the time to blog about it.

But while I sit here waiting for Kage to give in and fall asleep (she's been in there talking for almost an hour), I thought I should go ahead and spill the weekend's agenda.

And honestly, I'm not even 100% sure what we'll be doing...but I do know we'll be doing family things.

We really wanted to take the weekend to go away.  Like, without Kage.  We were thinking we would take her to my mom's and go to a hotel for a night.  That's big time.  HUGE time.  But, we aren't. 

I still want to take a weekend to visit Cahokia Mounds with him.....  and we just may do that in August between semesters.  Him and I are both geography junkies and that place is so awesome.  I haven't been there in decades and can't wait to revisit to refresh my memory for my student teaching experience.

Geez, I got off track.  I was talking about *this* weekend.

So, he took Saturday off.  Normally, during the summer he works 6 days a week.  But considering our fragile state of affairs, he decided a family weekend was much more important than an extra day at work.  Or maybe he just wanted time off...I'll tell myself it's the former.

A whole TWO DAYS to do something together.  Hmmmmm, what to do?

So tonight, we're having his favorite meal.  Or, one of them.  My "own" chicken strips.  I'm sure Kinley will refuse to eat them.  Whatever.  I'll make her ravioli.  And I just finished a batch of rice krispy treats too.....  another favorite of his.

Aside from dinner, I don't think we'll be doing anything.  Maybe an early bed time?  I know I could use it.

Tomorrow, I do believe that we'll take Kage to the water park.  We always go to the free sprinkler park here in town but there is a larger water park not too far from our place that we've wanted to visit.  So I think that will be on our list.  Saturday afternoon, we're meeting a high school girl for a babysitting "interview" and meeting her parents.  You see, my mom has already met her and told me that she's so nice and mature and sweet.  So really, she's already hired.  But we've yet to meet her.  I'm looking forward to having another option for nights/weekend babysitting.
And then after that, maybe we'll watch a movie together while Kinley naps.  Saturday night?  No plans.  Thought about hiring a sitter and going to see Horrible Bosses but we're trying to not spend money this weekend.  Trying.

Sunday, we'll be going back to church.  Two weekends *in-a-row* (said with sass).  Not that it's much to celebrate...but when you've missed it for so kind of is something to celebrate.

Sunday afternoon, I think we're going to take Kage to the "windmill park" to feed ducks and run around.  Maybe even pack a picnic lunch. 

Nothing too major going on....but quality time together.

Whew, that was much longer than I anticipated it to be.  And, Kinley is still up.  Ugh.

What are you doing this weekend?  Link up!

And don't dare forget, the drawing for the book ends today!  Actually, in about 2 hours.  So if you didn't enter yet, head over and do so!

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