Monday, June 20, 2011

Wrapped Around My Finger

I have a jewelry box on my dresser.  It's a pretty nice one.  My mom ordered it for me from QVC.  But it's actually relatively full, considering I don't own a lot of jewelry.  But I do have a few family pieces that I keep, not expensive or fancy things, but family pieces, nonetheless.

One of the rings that I have belonged to my dad.  It's his birthstone ring.  I guess it was the "thing" back then to have a birthstone ring?  I'm not sure.  But he was born in October and his birthstone is Tourmaline.  I had no idea what it was called, I had to google it.  But it's the pinkish/purple stone. 

I've had this ring in my jewelry box for years and never thought much about it.  It was tarnished beyond recognition and until recently, I had no idea how to "fix" it.

I have a few pieces from Tiffany that I love, love, love but always hated the polishing that is required weekly.  Hello, Joy!  Meet silver cleaner!  Call me stupid, but I had never seen such a thing!  One quick dunk in this nasty-smelling stuff and ta-da!  Beautiful.

Today, I was going through my jewelry to get rid of the stuff that I know I won't wear anymore and looked at dad's ring again.  Then it dawned on me that I could try the miracle silver cleaner to see if it would come clean.  And, it did.

It took a little bit of elbow grease and Q-tips but the tarnish came off.  And then I polished it with my Tiffany polishing cloth and it's restored shine!

Unfortunately, I never did see it in it's "like new" condition, but I can imagine that it looks pretty similar to the way it does today.  I'm pretty proud of myself!  I brought it back to life!

I called mom to see if there was some super cool story behind this ring, but she couldn't remember.  She does know that it was a gift to him pre-high school years and that he never would wear it because it was "girly" with the pink-ish stone.  Understandably so.  Good call, dad.

But I'm so very thrilled that I have it now and have restored the silver back to wearable condition.

I may not wear it everyday, but wearing it today makes me so proud.  I'm so proud to be wearing something of his.  Wish he was here to see it!

Ugh.  I hate my fat fingers.

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Jessie M said...

That ring has an awesome look to it! My dad also has one very similar with just a different stone. Must have been "the" thing back then!

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