Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day

I rocked the Father's Day thing this year. 

He got exactly what he wanted without having any clue that I had gotten it (a paintball gun and a fishing pole).  He had breakfast at Ihop.  Grilled-out for lunch.  An amazing dinner at this great new place that we found (and will be going back to).  He had lot of family time and then some alone time too.  He was able to escape to go "play" with his paintball gun.  Tonight before the sun went down, he was able to go fish for a bit.

He claims that it was the best Father's Day, ever.  But I reminded him that there has only been one other.  He vows to never blow off Mother's Day again.  Even though that's not why I went above and beyond for him today.

So, here it is in pictures.

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