Monday, June 27, 2011

Festival Festivities

How is it that my days are *so busy* but then I can't seem to figure out why or how they are so busy?  Must be the life with a toddler.  Just constantly moving and going but really, going no where.

Last Friday, my bestie and I spent the day together.  We went to the gym, ate at Chipotle, watched When In Rome and napped a little.  Then after Kage woke up, we went shopping for some fun things.  Finally, at about 10:00 we headed out for our girls night.  Almost missed the band!  But we had a good time anyway.  Those monthly girls nights are so worth the wait.
The shirts and bracelet (you can see mine, but not hers) were some of our finds while out shopping earlier that afternoon.  We also got matching blingy watches.

Saturday, R and I celebrated our anniversary (even though it isn't until Tuesday).  We went to eat at a really swank restaurant in the downtown area of our town.  Then we did a little shopping and ended up going to see Bad Teacher.  That was awesome.  Laughed through the whole movie.  Oh, and you can see my date outfit to the left.  Shirt is from Old Navy and the skirt is stolen from my BFF about three years ago.  Shoes....had them for like 5 years.  No joke.

We also received our new iPhones in the mail on Saturday morning.  We're moving away from my beloved Verizon and going to AT&T.  I've been with Verizon since like.....forever?  So this move is big.  Huge.  And I know that I'll eventually love my new phone, but right now I'm in that whole new phone transition phase and I feel all disoriented.  Hate that feeling.

On Sunday, I got in my workout early so that we could have the rest of our day as a family.  We were taking Kage to see the parade in town.  This weekend was a big annual festival and it ends with the "grand parade."  This parade was no joke.  It was about an hour and 40 minutes long.  Kage lasted an hour.  Had they been throwing candy....she may have tolerated it a bit longer.  But this is the first parade that I have watched where they weren't belting the crowd with tasty snacks.  They handed out American flags instead.  I thought it was fun though. 

We then walked through the carnival area to be harassed by the carnie rats get cotton candy and a corn dog.
And then walked home.  I thank God that Kage isn't old enough to bug us to ride the rides and play the games.  I am appreciating these years until that whole fit starts.  I know that I'll be amongst the other poor parents out there forking over a whole paycheck so that the kids can ride every rickety ride offered.  Ugh.
After the festivities, we came back and had lunch and then I went to the pool while Kage napped and R played with his new phone.  I think that I slept through the whole pool time though....or most of it.  Oops.  And now, I'm slightly burned.  Ever so slightly.  Oh well.

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