Thursday, May 26, 2011

Workin' overtime, work out

Does it make me a bad mom that I do just about anything in my power to not wake Kinley up in the morning?   What I mean is, I will tip-toe, whisper, turn off the TV (he has it on while he's getting ready for work), not turn on the bathroom light because it also turns on the fan, not breathe too loudly.... all for the sake of her sleeping a little later.  We have a relatively small apartment and her bedroom is centrally located to everything.  I just want my morning time to last a little bit longer!  And BTW, the bathroom door creaks when you open/close it.  WD-40 needed.  And if my silence attempts succeed and she sleeps just a little bit longer....the elephant upstairs just may wake her.  What *are* they doing up there?

She was wound up last night from our busy day and stayed up until 10:00.  Way past her bedtime.  So I think that she needs to sleep just a little longer today.  Okay, so the truth is that I started blogging a little later than I should have and I just want to finish.....  So selfish.

Her dad came home from work early because of the weather.  Hard to cut down trees in the rain, I guess.  So having him home to accompany us, I planned an action packed day.  We started out by taking her to Learning Express (a pretty cool toy store).  She had a blast.  And they had these Melissa & Doug shopping carts for sale.....she was crazy with this cart.  Flying through the store, cornering the cart like it was on rails (yes, Pretty Woman reference).  If the little thing hadn't been $70, she would have come home with it.  I later found it on Amazon for under $50, so maybe I'll  put  a bug in her Nonie's ear.  Hehe

Then we took her to a puppy store.  Let me preface by saying that I do not support these stores, nor do I buy from them.  However, when it is a rainy, yuck day and you have an animal loving's kind of like a free zoo.  So we went.  And we lied and said we were considering buying a dog for the baby.  She played with one in their little corrals. She was scared of the yappy little thing.  Good thing because that was our excuse to say thanks but no thanks and walk out.

After the puppy store, we took her to this indoor playplace.  I've been wanting to take her for some time but didn't want to go for the first time by myself.  I'm socially introverted like that. 

This place was awesome.  Talk about an awesome set-up for the little ones!  Kage went nuts!  She ran and went from one play thing to the next.  They had a bounce house, a climbing maze, several climbing play sets and lots of slides.  She wasn't too keen on the maze....but the slides....she had those down.  Check her out! 

I apologize for the annoying mommy voice.

This place was very reasonably priced and not crowded at all.  I was worried that it would be, considering the crummy weather we were having.  Now that I have that "first visit" under my belt, I'm going to take her often.  Even though her sliding scares the bejeezes outta me.

Vanilla-Vanilla for him, Strawberry Shortcake for her and
Raspberry Truffle for me.
To end our day of Kinley fun, we made one last stop at the little cupcake shop.  I'm in love with the cuteness of this place.  It is just adorable.  Oh, and the cupcakes are pretty darned tasty too.  Unfortunately, we were big meanies and made Kage take her nap before she could have hers.  (No, we didn't eat ours in front of her.  We waited until she was asleep before we devoured them.)  And then after nap, we decided to go out to dinner for some pizza and her cupcake is still in the fridge waiting for her.  Poor kid.  I do feel guilty.  Not that she even remembers.

Like I said, we decided to go out for a pizza last night.  There is this place (in the downtown area that I am in love with) that looks so fun.  And well, I rarely want pizza so we went for it.  So glad that we did because that pizza was to die for.  Ohmagosh.  The best deep dish.  And Kage ordered (well, I ordered it for her) the mac-n-cheese.  Normally, when you order a child's meal of mac-n-cheese, it's a $5 box of mac-n-cheese, the blue box kind.  Such a waste of $$.  Not this time, it was the real thing.  And so good.  I almost wanted to trade her.  (Not trade HER for the mac-n-cheese, but trade the to-die-for pizza for a bowl of mac.)  She was being such a ham at dinner.  Trying to show off for anyone that would pay attention.

And I know that some of you are freaking out because her food is directly on the table, but we have those disposable placemats and she rips them off.  So we wipe down the table and just let her go for it.  Think poorly of us if you will.  I won't lose sleep.  She was showing us "how the piggies eat," okay, not really. She was just doing this to aggravate us.  She knows how embarrassed we get when she eats like this.  Silly girl.

It was a good time.

And fortunately, we didn't argue as much as we normally do!  Maybe the key is to keep us busy with other things.

On our way home, I asked if he wanted to go and tour the monster gym that I fell in love with months ago (was it months ago?) but didn't join.  I just wanted to show him how cool it was, and how different it is from the shoebox gym we belonged to in southern IL.  I guess he loved it just as much because he ended up signing on the dotted line and shelling out more money than we should have to sign up.  And he got a family membership too.  He's not sure that he'll actually go (we have bets on this one) but if he cancels his within 30 days he gets a full refund....and my monthly rate stays at the family discount.  Score!  But I wasn't expecting that expense, really.  We don't do credit that was a huge blow to the checking account.  Good thing he worked tons of OT the past two weeks!

I just pray that he didn't sign up "to make me happy."  Cause if he did, I'll have it thrown in my face a zillion times if things get tight later.  Ugh.  The stress. 

But until then, I'm going to bask in the glory of belonging to a sweet-ass gym.  That has a daycare inside for $1 an hour.  And it's open 24/7.  And has tanning/nails/waxing and massage services.  Told you.  Sweet-ass.  It's just too bad that you have to work-out when you're there.  KIDDING!

The gym sales dude did a body fat scan and I'm at 28%!  Are you bleepin' kidding me?!  How embarrassing.  If that doesn't make you work out, I don't know what will.  Did I mention that I'll be going to the gym here shortly? 


Amanda said...

I am so embarrassed too when Brynleigh tries to show us how the piggies too!

Amy said...

I'm glad my little guy isn't the only one to rip off thoes placemats. We can't use them either. Kinley is adorable :)

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