Saturday, May 7, 2011

I survived, barely.

I made it!  I survived.  Barely. 

The semester is over. 

Well, technically it ends Sunday.  But my participation part is over.  Now it's in the hands of my lovely professors.  They are surely working hard at calculating my As and not ruining my perfect 4.0.  I hope.

But, while I was so looking forward to celebrating this joyous occasion by doing so many fun things with my little'll have to wait. 


It's back.  My pneumonia has made a vicious return.  My only prayer is that it stays with me and avoids my husband and the baby.  But, I know our luck.

It's to the point now that I wonder if my whole break will be spent ill.  I'm so over it.

What's new with my Kage-ster?

My house is a mess.  And I know people judge things like that in pictures.  But we've been sick.  School has been hell.  Life has not been easy.  So sue me.  My house is trashed.  But look at how happy my sweet baby girl is in this picture.  That's what is important.  She knows that mommy is sick and she wanted to cuddle.  Melts my heart.

The other day, I gave her a pony.  Her first 'real' pony....aside from the Pebbles look on top of her head.  Her hair is getting so long.  Normally, she'll rip anything out that I put in her hair but this one....she had no clue it was even there.  So it stayed for quite some time.  :)

This is her new thing.  Running on the couch.  It's my least favorite 'new thing' that she has figured out.  I was loving it that she was too short to get on the furniture.  Until about a week ago.  She pulls a couch pillow down to use as a step and up she goes.  Smart girl.  Too smart.  She runs back and forth.  Rarely falls.  Oh, and this outfit.....size 9 months.  How is my *almost* 17 month daughter still in a size 9 month?  Blows me away.

Still has a fascination for sitting in boxes.  Not sure I understand it, but who says that I have to?

I officially think that I'm old.  I mean, I knew that I was 'getting' old when I saw my first grays and my knees started cracking.....but now, I know that I'm old.
The other day, I was driving home from school and I was at a stop light in the downtown area of the little town that we live in.  I was sick (imagine that) and thought that maybe I was hallucinating when I looked over and saw this kid (maybe 16-17 years old) smoking a JOINT.  I did a double take....yes, it was a joint.  The driver (also a 16-17 year old boy) saw me see the joint and started freaking out.  He was telling his toking passenger to put it down.  I became filled with rage.  Was it the mom in me?  The teacher in me?  I don't know but I was FILLED with rage.

I rolled down my window.  At this point, the sickness and brain fogginess was overwhelming and I just felt that I had no control over what came out of my mouth.  I told the boy to roll down his window.  I felt my face get all hot.  The driver told him to roll down the window.  The passenger must have been high as a kite because all of his movements were in slow motion.  He finally did.  I asked him what in the heck he thought he was doing?!  I demanded that he throw it out.  The high-as-a-kite kid looked over to the driver as if I was a psycho woman.....and I probably appeared to be one.  The driver was freaking out and kept screaming "throw it out dude, throw it out".  I grabbed my cell phone and told them I was going to call the police.  The driver kept apologizing and spazzing out asking me to not call the police.  The passenger, he was oblivious to the whole situation. 

The light turned green.  I had my phone in my hand and was tempted to call the police.  But I didn't.  The kids took the next left and hauled butt out of the area.  They were driving a high dollar SUV that I'm sure belonged to his mommy.  And I'd bet that his mommy would love to know that they were toking it up in her high dollar SUV.  Maybe I should have called the police.  But I felt that scaring the bejeezes out of them was worth enough.

But as I drove away....I thought to myself, when did you get so old?  You totally just busted out some kid for smoking pot!  Hmmmm.   Normally, I think I would have just shook my head and drove off.  Not this time.  I sat there, caused a scene and made him throw it out.

I'm old.

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