Thursday, April 28, 2011


I think that it's been about a month long hiatus for me.  A month?  Really?  It went so fast.  But felt like it would never get here.

I think that I've mentally wrote a blog a day for that month long break....things that I so needed to write, wanted to write, but couldn't find the time to write.  I have had a lot to say. 

Not too sure where to I'll start like I do with everything.  Lists and bullets.
  • School is over in 7 days.
  • YES.  School is OVER in SEVEN DAYS!
  • Did I mention that the semester ends?  In 7 days?
  • Although final grades aren't in yet, I'm allowing myself to say, "Joy, you made it.  Job well done.  You came back, picked up where you left off and conquered.  Way to go, girlfriend!"
  • I now have 4 weeks off before the summer semester starts.  And the pool opens soon.  Yee-haw.
  • Kage's sitter wants us to keep her on one day a week to 'save' her spot during those 4 weeks.  I'm just going to look at it as that she's making it okay to take one 'me-day' a week to lay by the pool and sleep, or read, or sleep.
  • I'm still waiting on official placement for student teaching.  And I'm a ball of nerves over it.  I know where my paperwork was submitted for placement and I'm great with that....but I just need to hear the final say that it's a go.  And so I wait.
  • We fell apart and are working to bring it back together.
  • It's hard to put the pieces back together when you aren't sure where they go, but it's a team effort.
  • I'm learning something new every day.  Maybe I'm re-learning.
  • It's been pneumonia cubed in this house.  I have it, he has it, Kage has it. 
  • The husband's employer was bought out by a larger company (hey, it's the American way!) and now we have new insurance.  It sucks.  Capital S.  And now our savings has had to take a major blow for the INSANE co-pays and deductibles.  Thank you pneumonia.  No thanks, Cigna.  I don't like you.
  • We had a blessed Easter.  Visited family and enjoyed every minute of it.

  • I fell off of my diet train.  And honestly haven't cared much.  I feel like my time is spread too thin as it is to add that one more thing to my plate.  I was making myself crazier than I already am.  And starving and counting and worrying about the scale just didn't seem to make much sense for the present time.
  • My daughter is no longer a baby but a crazy toddler.  She runs, she screams, she tantrums, she imagines, she's a chatterbox, she's bossy!
  • I can sit and just watch her.  She blows me away.  Such an amazing little person.
  • Her attitude isn't so amazing sometimes.  Did I mention the tantrums?  (she's throwing a nice one right now, because 30 minutes of mommy blowing bubbles isn't quite enough.  despite the carpet, and her, being soaked.)

  • See.  Told you.  Tantrum.  Ugh.

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