Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bloody good time!

There is about two inches of standing water on our patio.  It is pouring.  So much for that beautiful day that I ordered!

Today is a Kinley and mommy day.  Sort of.  It's just us and I love it!  We had breakfast together.  Or, I fed her a donut.  And then we went to the gym.  She played in the day care, I busted my butt working out. 

Okay, so maybe it wasn't much of a mommy and Kinley day.  Sounds like more of a mommy day.  Yikes.  I feel guilty.  She's napping now....but when she gets's on.  Mommy and Kinley day.  Not sure what we'll do in this rain, but we're doing something!

Despite my back and forth with the whole tanning decision.....I decided to do it.  The mega gym that I'm now a member of (popping my collar--okay, not really) has a tanning salon inside, and the day care.  So how easy is out and tan and Kage is being watched and having fun.  Win/win no?    The more I talk about this day care thing at the gym, the more guilt I feel.  Ugh.  So my bad-mom self worked out for an hour and tanned today.  And I enjoyed it.  While my baby was in day care.  Such a bad mommy.

I am proud of myself for accomplishing a work out though...despite the guilt.  I did 30 minutes of level 1 on the elliptical and then 30 minutes of strength training (is that what you call it?).  If I can do this 4-5 times a week, I think I'll lose those nagging 15-20 pounds that I'm carrying in my gut and face.

Enough about that.... Kage got her new backpack.  That thing came quick!  They must have embroidered her name like that second that I ordered it....  and she looks so freakin' cute wearing it.
I know it.....she's way too cute.  And so is that backpack!  It fits everything that we need in it but is still a smaller size.  Love it! 

Last night was my girls night out with the bestie.  We normally do the whole dress-up in heels and try to look totally hot and then hit the town....but last night was just one of those nights where the gym shoes were calling our names.  So we opted to hit Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the pay-per-view UFC fight and eat wings.  Yep....we were acting like men for our girls night out.  And it was so relaxing...and so fun!  We did jeans and t-shirts, gym shoes and just hung out.  The wings were eh....okay, the atmosphere was super casual and fun and the beer was good.  Beer is always good that's a sure thing.

Normally, I'm *so not* a UFC fighter type.  I hate fighting, really.  But for whatever reason, I enjoyed the evening.  So much so, that we joked that it's going to be our "thing."  She loves the fighting.  But she's not a girlie girl....well, most of the time she's not.  I, on the other hand, feel sad for the boy that loses.  We even each other out.  So we chose a guy to become fans of and we'll make plans to attend these fights to root him on.  Or so that's our plan.  Silly girls.

While bestie was getting ready for our date, she ripped her toenail off.  I mean O.F.F-off.  Gives me the weebie-jeebies just thinking about it.  She's such a trooper that she just wrapped it up and came out anyway...but not before posting the bloody gore picture on facebook.  Haha

So I'm getting a kick out of talking about her "bloody toe" as if I'm British or something. 

And the point of this blog....?  Yeah, I don't even know.

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