Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Death By Homework

I'm just kind of having a hard time lately.  I'm back to my feelings of overwhelming doom and gloom.  That spring break was not good for me.  It allowed me to lose focus on my school and really only made things worse, for me, anyway.  I feel more behind even though I tried to work ahead.

It doesn't help that I got sick on Wednesday and am still suffering from a sore throat and no voice.  I was supposed to teach yesterday and ended up not able to due to no voice.  So that just adds to my feelings of being overwhelmed.  I'm just ready for us all to be healthy.  It's been a rough winter.  KG has had croup, which I'm still unsure if I agree with that....she only had the "bark" cough for about 12 hours.  So, whatever.  We gave her the two doses of prednizone (sp?) and she was fine.  She was up coughing all night though, and despite us trying to wake her up to get a drink, she wouldn't have it.  She was exhausted.  So we put her cool mist vaporizer close to her bed and it calmed the coughing.  But neither the husband nor I slept last night.  She's coughing, I'm coughing.  I still have no voice. 

It's hard to be happy and chipper when you're not feeling well.

The semester is getting closer to the end, which is good but bad.  I'm ready to put this semester behind me, but I've got SO MUCH work left to do!  Seeing May 5 approaching so quickly is freaking me out.  I scheduled for KG to start going to day care for half days on Fridays to give me an afternoon to work on homework.  Hopefully that helps.

Do you ever feel like you just go and go and go and go and never get a break?  That's how life has been lately.  And I guess we do it to ourselves.  We make the plans.  We do our own schedules!  Well, mom is in the city this week for work....and instead of going home on the train on Friday, I offered to pick her up, bring her here and then drive her the 4 hour drive home on Saturday.  Ugh.  Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled to have her come over.  She's not been to our new place yet, and we do need a sitter on Saturday morning while we help my bestie move (into her new city apartment, which I'm so jealous).  But this weekend could have been prime homework time that won't happen.  I mean, I guess I can study at her house on Saturday night.  It'll be okay.

I need to get off the pity pot.  For real.

On the other hand, there are some really good things happening in our life right now.  And I give all the thanks to God and prayer.  Since joining Church ABC, our lives are so much richer....have so much more meaning.....and dare I say that I feel more peace?  Yes, despite this overwhelming feeling of death by homework, I feel peace.  The husband and I aren't arguing as much, we aren't stressing over the little things as much, and the mood in our home is just softer.  If that makes sense.  It's an amazing thing.  I just can't help but to look forward to the future.  The closer we become to God and the more power of prayer that we find in our life.....there is no limit to the goodness!

The tent came and went in the same night.  Seems that the princess
wants to play on top of it instead of under it.  Such a climber!

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