Sunday, February 6, 2011

In Mourning

I am on a mission.  Saving money and selling the unnecessary things in life to increase our savings has become my platform.  Simplify, simplify, simplify.  It's been my motto.

To date, I've made $445 from listing and selling on Craigslist.  And, in only six days.  Not too bad. 

I've also cut our cable down to basic (plus the basic "slow" internet service--which btw, I notice zero difference), on 2/7 we are dropping Richie's personal cell phone plan and he's going to his business phone only. 

I write down every penny spent for 30 days so that I can evaluate where the money goes every month. 

Cutting where I can cut, selling what I can sell.

Our savings will thank me.  Instead of paying out every dollar each month, I can pay US first.

With all of that said....  I wish I could un-sell one thing.  I took things too far.  I went a little "simplify" crazy.

I sold Kinley's dresser and hutch.

It lived in her room before she did.  We pondered over the *perfect* dresser for her.  The one that fit our visions of our baby girl's room. 

So obviously, you ask, why did you sell it then, dummy!?  Well, I had/have my reasons.
1)  The changing table top is really too small for her anymore.  When I do/did put her up there, she would kick and thrash around and almost always hit her foot or heel on the wood and cry.
2)  Her next bedroom in our new apartment will hopefully house all (most) of her toys and she needs the room.
3)  She has a tall chest of drawers for her folded clothes and it has two drawers unused.
4)  Her toddler furniture will be white, not cherry.
5)  Eventually, we would be parting with the furniture.  Eventually.
So you see, I just moved up the time frame.  I was being realistic and not dramatic about it.

Okay, so I was pretty dramatic.  I got home from my appointment with Dr. Laura (which was amazing, btw) and saw that the people were in the drive way about to load up the dresser.  So I zoomed off.  I couldn't watch it come out of our house and go into their truck.  It was just too much to watch.  Dramatic?  Maybe.  Necessary.  Totally.

I sat in her room last night and felt so sad seeing that big "hole" where her dresser used to sit.  She noticed the "hole" too but didn't care nearly as much as I did.  She doesn't care.  That's why I knew I could sell it....she wouldn't miss it.

So, it's gone.  And the "loss" of her first baby furniture was tough, but I recovered.  And I feel good about it today.  Project Simplify is in full swing.  Nothing is safe anymore!


Diving Into Love said...

GO You for saving so much money! You are an inspiration! :)

Tom said...

Dang, you go girl. Not to make you feeld bad, but I've still got Kayli's dresser/hutch/changing table combo. We never used the thing as a changing table as it was way too small for that. It's in a natural finish, so it goes will all her furniture. Kepp up the good work.

Amanda said...

I would be in mourning too. Good job on the savings though! I sent my email and got my consignment number last night so we will be selling Bryn's things. We'll see how that goes.

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