Saturday, February 5, 2011

Bad pictures and cheap wine

Last night we had our family photo appointment at Church ABC for their church directory.  So I guess we're members now.  Officially.  They got our picture to prove it.

Let me tell you, I will not be surprised if one day that photo turns up on Ellen or Leno as a "bad paid for photo."  It was TERRIBLE!

The photographer left much to be desired, but I guess that's what you get.  He took several shots and all of them were terrible.  He couldn't get Kinley's attention for nothing....I'm sorry, Mr. Photographer, but saying "hey baby, hey kiddo, kiddo, hey, baby" in a monotone, almost whisper, doesn't cut it.  And then, he kept saying, "mom, hold her hands down" and in turn, all of the pictures portray me having these monstrous hands covering my baby as if he was paparazzi.  No joke.  I wish I could access them online to show you how pathetic they actually are...but I guess that because they are in the church group order, they aren't online.

Then the worst part was after they snapped the pictures, we then were ushered to the next room where we had to choose which of his shots would be listed in the directory and then we also got a free 8x10--and they proceeded to try and sell us their "world famous" prints on canvas.  Ummmm, no.  You couldn't *pay me* to take these on paper, stone, toilet paper, or your *world famous* oval canvas.  Mmmm, k?

The package that she wanted to sell us was like $300 and there was no way in heck that I was even the least bit interested, so I tuned her out.  Her and her sales pitch.  My husband said I was rude.  But I think it was rude of her to try and sell such ick pictures for so much money!  The free 8x10 will be shoved away in a box somewhere, in that storage unit, that stores stuff that we know we don't need but can't part with so we'll deal with it in another year.

So we chose the best of the worst for the directory and will hide in shame every Sunday when people are putting faces to pictures.  Ahhhh well.  What can you do?

When we got home, we got Kinley to bed and decided to enjoy a glass of wine.  I have a new favorite, Moscato.  I'm not sure if it's new to the wine world (as I'm so not a wino-o, remember?) but I know that I've never heard of it before.  But my beloved Reisling is no more.  Move over for the Moscato. 

And because we're trying to not spend more than we need, I only splurged on the el cheap-o $5 bottle of Moscato.  Note to self.  It tastes like a $5 bottle of Moscato and needs tossed.  Ick.  I drank a few sips and said "I'm done, time for bed." So next time, I'm splurging on my tried and true $13 bottle, cause it's divine and makes me want to over-indulge.

And here we are so unaware of how bad our $5 wine is going to taste:

So we learned, while sometimes you can get away with a super cheap wine and it be okay....the Moscato is one not to go (too) cheap.

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Jessie McGillan said...

Next time try Luccio. They make a great Moscato!
Or there is another kind, I can't think of the name. But the bottle is black or dark green and there is a bright red rose
embossed on the label. Those are my 2 favorite Moscato's. And up here in MN they run about $10 a bottle.

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