Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pretending to be the wine-o that we're not

Feels like forever since I've been here.  I can't believe it's Thursday.  How did it get here so fast?  Our house has been turned upside down this week and our level of norm was nowhere in sight. 

So I mentioned before that there was some change coming to our family, and the change came.  Richie decided to leave the company that we moved up here for, and is going to another.  Not that big of a deal really, I just didn't want it blogged until it happened.  He gave them two weeks notice, he worked one week and then they laid him off (with pay, thank God) the second week.  I guess the work log was low and they didn't need another climber.  I dunno.  But either way, he got to be home with us this week, unexpectedly.  Turns out that it was a great thing....Kinley has been sick (yes, again) and sleeping hasn't been easy for her.  With Richie off work, he was able to tag team with me and hopefully we're now on the upswing of the illness.  I'm pretty sure it was/is a cold and possible teething thrown in too.  I have been saying that she's teething for the last 5 months....and still we have zero teeth.  Can you believe that?  She's almost 11 months old and no teeth!  They say the later they come in, the better they will be so I'm cool with it.

I'm hoping to not have to take her in to the Dr. today but we'll see.  She's taken on a new cough and it's bordering on the "barking" sound which I know isn't good.  She gave me a 3 a.m. wake up call today (she fell asleep at 8 last night, so I expected it, sort of) and hasn't been coughing as much this morning.

With Richie being off, we were going to head to my mom's house for Halloween.  She's about a three hour drive from us.  We were going to do a Thursday night through Saturday night visit.  If Kinley isn't feeling better, we probably won't go.  I hate making her do all of that car time if she's sick.

Since Kinley went to bed so early last night, we decided to uncork this bottle of wine we've had in the fridge for weeks.  We splurged from our no-spending-till-November rule and ordered the ginormous pizza and ton-o-wings deal from the local pizza place, again.  So we got to watch our beloved Survivor and eat pizza on the couch.  We haven't done that in ages.  AGES.  I miss the carefree nights like that.  Having Kinley means that every meal is at the table so that she's in her high chair.  And I wouldn't have it any other way.  Now is the time to start those family "traditions" of always having a family meal together at least once a day.  But pizza and TV is nice sometimes too. 

After pizza, we uncorked the wine and just chilled.  As I sat there on the couch, I had one of those moments where you just step back and look around and notice those little things.  Things that normally you don't give a second thought about....  and I grabbed my camera because I knew that it would capture exactly what I saw at that moment.
My table is dirty.  I haven't dusted in two weeks because I'm busy being a mom (&wife).  Our table used to always be "staged" with the basket and perfect coffee table books.  Today, it holds a baby shoe (she was able to reach it's twin and took off with it, I'm sure it's on the floor, or under the table), a thermometer because our baby has been sick (Richie calls this a temperature guage), the pink bow that was in her hair today, Richie's phone because it's the "supposed" indestructable phone and can withstand baby drool and being dropped on a wood floor.  And then there is the bottle of wine and two exhausted parents.  This is our life. 
I'm sporting the pony tail because even though my husband is home this week, my daughter still has a hard time allowing mommy time to do her hair or make-up.  I look tired, because I am.  And our wine, is from Aldi.  Who knew that Aldi would have good wine?  I mean, if you are a wine-o and experienced with finding a "good wine" you may gag but for us, we just enjoy a nice tasting Riesling.  Training-wheel wine is what I like to call it.  This was good.  Very good.  And I got a slight buzz from two glasses.  Totally unintended.

It felt good to just let go for the two hours that we did.  We watched our Survivor, Modern Family and The Middle and then decided that it was way too late to start another show.  It was 9:51.  Real rebels.  No, just a real mom and dad.

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beachbride0507 said...

hahahaha..i love you Joy. For real.
This is so our life too......and i love that you can blog about it....i was seriously giggling at my desk this morning reading the last part about the Aldi wine....and that you called it training wheel wine. LOL. Hope your weekend is better, girl!

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