Thursday, October 21, 2010

My impersonation of a TV Guide

My hope is beginning to be restored.  Kinley went to bed pretty easily last night by 8:30 and only woke up at about 11:00 for us to find her paci and pat her back for about 2 minute (as reported by daddy, he took that shift).  She then woke up about 5:30 this morning to start her day.  We were so proud of her for sleeping through the night that I let her nurse immediately and then she got to come downstairs to visit with daddy before he left for work.  She only nursed one side, so I'm pretty sure she was anxious to come down and see him.  We are thinking that she knows that he's downstairs getting ready to leave...cause she always gets up in time to see him off.  Maybe she doesn't know....but it sure seems like she does.

So I feel better today....

Last night was Survivor night in our house.  That is a very important night of the week.  We're pretty serious about that show..too serious.  But I thought I would do my blog today about TV.  We have become junkies this season and are DVR'ing way more than we have time to watch.  So things are pretty backed up on there.

So Survivor-- I was shocked that Kelly B was voted off last night.  And for the simple reason of her having a fake leg?  Are you kidding me?  Talk about shallow.  I feel bad for her, and not because she has a prosthetic leg, but because she was judged because of it.  I totally wish that Nay and Brenda could have gone home.  I do think that Nay has calmed down a bit...primarily because she was moved away from Kelly B (when she was complaining about throwing her fake leg in the fire, I wanted to punch her in the face) but I still don't like her.  And you know, it says that she is a PE teacher?!  Are you kidding me?  She should be terminated immediately.  I would not want a person like her teaching my child.  No way.  Brenda is just a slimy snake that I can see winning the game and I can't stand the girl.  Most don't like Marty either....and honestly, I could take him or leave him.  I just dislike the two girls more.  And Dan (is that his name?) with the bad knees, what does he do for a living that allows him all of the homes and fancy cars?  I think they were smart to keep him.  They really don't need him in the challenges right now and he's an easy disposal later in the game.  I really don't have a favorite on there this season (yet) but I'm sure I will in a few weeks.

Undercover Boss:  We love this show and thankfully it's on On Demand with our cable company because it's always starting late due to football.  We keep forgetting to tell the DVR to record past the scheduled time (I just got up and fixed that) so we would miss it otherwise.  I know that they show is so staged but I love the feel good moments at the end when they give four of the thousands that work for them a nice scholarship or vacation.  It's one of those shows that is a waste of time, but a feel good waste of time.

Biggest Loser:  We're still a week behind on this show.  Two hours is hard to fit into our week schedule so we usually get caught up on the weekend.  We really don't have a favorite on here yet either.  Not much to say about it since we're so behind.

Dancing With the Stars:  I watch this one solo.  I just finished watching the results show and let me just say that I love that Jason DaRulo (I know I butchered his last name but I'm way too lazy to look it up right now) song on the radio, but live?  ICK.  He's a terrible live singer, terrible!  Now Shakira was awesome.  I'm not a fan but she totally made me feel like a lard-butt.  I so wish I could look like that, or move like that.  I bet she doesn't have kids.  I was ready for Florence to go home, so I'm not too sad about that....but I think that Bristol should have gone even though I wasn't ready for her to go.  I think she could still have a turn around and end up a great dancer.  The Hills chic, not sure of her name, has the worst boob job.  Its so gross to see the dents and wrinkles.  Surely she makes enough money to get them fixed.  My favorite is still Jennifer Gray.

Teen Mom:  This is my guilty pleasure.  I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I watch it.  But it's so addicting!  I don't think I saw them on 16&Pregnant, and I didn't see the first season but somehow I got hooked during this season.  So I just got to watch the Finale Special interview with Dr. Drew.  Catelynn and Tyler are the most mature of all of them.  Catelynn's mom needs to go to rehab or something.  I'm not sure if she's an addict or what her deal is but she is terrible and Catelynn needs to just plan her life without her.  She does nothing good for Catelynn.  At. All.  She doesn't deserve such an amazing daughter.  I think that her and Tyler will make it, I really do.  And my goodness, I sobbed when her and Tyler got to meet their daughter.  When Catelynn gave her that recorded book,  OMG.  I lost it.  For some reason, Carly reminds me of Kinley (looks wise) and it just ripped my heart out.  And did you notice that Carly looked at Catelynn and Tyler like she just knew?  I don't know....maybe I'm reading too much into it.    Amber, she was faking it during the interview.  She knows that she's screwed with the law about her beating the crap out of Gary in front of Leah and she acted like the "poor poor me" that she doesn't deserve.  I don't buy it and I'm not wasting my time even talking about her.  Take that child away, give her to Gary and let Amber rot.  If you want to blame your upbringing on your reason for being jacked in the head, then how do you explain how well Catelynn turned out?  Hmmmm?  Farrah is getting better.  She has made some major growth this season and it warms my heart to see her and her mom fixing their relationship.  I'm proud of her.  Maci, I think she has a lot of resources that none of the others have.  Her family (and Ryan's) obviously have money, and plenty of it.  She doesn't face the same trouble that the others do.  But, I give her credit because she doesn't seem to take it for granted and she doesn't act like a spoiled brat (hello, Farrah!).  I love her and Kyle together but I think she'll eventually ruin what they have because I honestly think she still harbors feelings for Ryan.  Just my thoughts. 

We also DVR:  Modern Family, &!#$ My Dad Says, Oprah (makes me cry everytime), Ellen (I always delete them before watching because we're out of DVR memory), The Middle, Better With You, Ice Truckers, Pawn Stars (for Richie) and American Pickers (for Richie). 

So spill it....what do you DVR and what is your guilty pleasure on TV?

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We don't have DVR (testing comments for you :)

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