Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I just want to help her

I'm just not myself today.  My mind is filled with worry.  I'm worried about my baby girl.  Something is just not right with the whole sleeping situation.  As I sat on our top step from 1:00-1:30 this morning, listening to her screams, I just felt that she is crying in fear.  She seems frightened and crying for us.  What is she afraid of?  Is she afraid?  The answers aren't to be found, unfortunately. 

So yes, I was up last night with her for an hour.  She then got up at 6 as usual.  Richie and I came to an agreement that we'd take her down to only one nap a day.  Maybe that would help the situation.  Well, 8:30 this morning she couldn't hold her eyes open anymore and she fell asleep.  I put her in her crib at 8:50 (after rocking her to sleep) and she was up screaming again at 9:35.  I was just getting out of the shower, so I didn't run right in to her.  She screamed hard for about ten minutes while I got dressed.  Gone are the days where my baby wakes up cooing and laughing and talking to us over the monitor.  My baby wakes up in screaming fits.  There is no waking time, it's like her eyes open and instantly she is screaming. 

I'm sad.  Very, very sad.  I feel like I'm failing at this mommy thing.  What happened at 9.5 months that I'm not seeing?  Why did she all of a sudden take this turn?  Our routine hasn't changed.  Her room hasn't changed.  Nothing is different except for her behavior.  I just want my baby back.  I want to fix what she's asking me to fix.  Am I missing something here? 

During her waking times, she's happy and acts the same as always....I just don't get it.


Brittany said...

I'm so sorry that you're having trouble with Kinley's sleeping, Joy. But I wanted to tell you that it's NOT because you're doing something wrong.
Here's a site that I found with some interesting things about 9 month sleep problems, I hope it helps!

sdillow said...

This exact thing happened to Grace at 6 1/2 months. She woke EVERY night screaming. It lasted till about 8 1/2 months. I blame it on her teeth bc she didn't get a tooth till 9 months. I did the bad thing of bringing her to our bed (nursing her to sleep!) and letting her sleep with us. If I was going to function at work everyday, it was my only option. I was worried about creating a habit and her not wanting to sleep in her crib, but she is now back to sleeping every night, all night in her crib. It has never been in our ideal plan to have Grace sleep in our bed and still isn't, but I did let it happen every once in a while. Especially since she's little and I felt she needed the comfort from momma. Who knows if it's the right thing according to the books, but it worked for us. I wish you luck in finding the right solution for your family. She'll get back on track soon! :)

crossedout said...

We are going thru a similar time. Tessa is still trying to get over her ear infection, but has gone from super content, sleeping thru the night (at one month old till now), taking great naps, eating well to the opposite. She wakes up several times per night, isn't eating very much, etc.

My wife, Joslyn, sent me a link the other day for us to consider. We're not sure if it is the case or if it is still just the ear infection, but -

We are going to fight thru the infection and if that doesn't change things, we will be really trying to figure this thing out. I'll keep you posted if we figure it out. Our babies seem to have a similar temperament and may be the same thing.

Gina said...

She is getting older and more aware of the enviroment around her. She is also at the age of challenge. She will see what she can do. She was just so sick not too long ago, so there was alot of jumping for her no letting her cry and constant attention. She will get back to herself, its gonna take time though and I know that is hard cause I know you and Richie are tired. I am praying this happens soon, just give her hugs and kisses from us when you can.

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