Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Wow...that was fast.

So the therapist's office just called.  I see Dr. Laura THIS Saturday afternoon.

And the pit in my gut swallows me whole.

Why am I so nervous?  I went to her for so long...but it was so long ago.  Part of me feels like a failure for having to go back.  Part of me feels that she'll be disappointed to see me show up at her door again.  Part of me hopes that she'll be happy that I was smart enough to get help when I knew I needed it.

I guess I just hoped that my appointment would be a few weeks from now and I'd have time to prepare.  I guess sooner is better than later.


Bethany said...

Remember you are an amazing friend, mother, and wife and she will never think less of you for seeking help!! Alot has changed since she saw you last and everyone needs help at times... Some people are just strong enough to ask for it while others aren't. I'm very proud of you for being such a strong person!!!

GinaClaire said...

We are here to support you, you are taking the right step to get someone to talk to that way you can see what we see when we see you.

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