Tuesday, January 4, 2011

TV Dish

So, I just wanted to dish for a second...about the one hour of The Bachelor that I managed to watch before we gave up and went to bed.  Don't give me spoilers...we're going to try and finish it tonight.

What the heck is up with the vampire chick, Madison?  Does anyone else find her totally weird-o?  Seriously, who could possibly think that it was even somewhat cool to wear fangs to meet the bachelor?  She's a nut job.  Okay, there is my opinion.

The husband and I would totally give the first impression rose to the southern girl who was engaged to Ricky Hendrick.  She is adorable.  And maybe she does get the rose...but we didn't watch yet, so we don't know.

I dunno, there seems to be some real freaks coming out this season.  And yet, I don't even know why I keep watching. 

As far as the drama with Brad Womack being back on...I really don't care.  It's reality TV.  It's drama either way.

And let's not forget that The Biggest Loser starts tonight too.


Britney said...

Hi, new follower from www.bestofourlove.blogspot.com. That Madison girl is totally creepy, but I'm already hooked on the bachelor after watching last night! Oh & I'm super pumped about The Biggest Loser!

Leslie said...

Okay yeah.. Vampire chick needs to leave! She is creeeepy!! and I don't know why I watch every season.. i guess because these weirdos are such a train wreck! you can't change the channel! haha

I'm so excited you entered my giveaway! I have you down for 2 entries :)
Hope you have a great week!

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