Wednesday, January 5, 2011

We're innovative....or not.

Don't you hate it when you come up with a grand idea only to find that someone else already had that grand idea?

When the husband and I were at my mom's over the holidays, we got the chance to sleep on the new polar fleece sheets that she bought for the guest bed.  For me, this was like a slice of heaven.  I am always cold.  I have no problem sleeping in pants, long sleeved shirt and a hoodie...oh, and some fuzzy socks.  So climbing in to a pocket of soft fuzzy fleece just felt amazing.  To me.  To him, he explained it as comparable to pulling the cotton from a bottle of pills.  You know what I'm talking about.  That sensory issue doesn't bother me (now if you start talking styrofoam, then we have a sensory issue).  For him, he cringed as he slid into bed.  Here I am with the sheets and down comforter up to my nose and he can barely get waist deep into the bed.

So he casually said, we should invent half and half sheets.  Half fleece, half cotton.  I sat straight up and was like "woooooooowwwww" that is a GREAT idea!  So off I went to sleep dreaming of which company I would write first thing in the morning to tell them of the great idea.  We were going to be millionaires by the end of the week.  Everyone would want to have our half and half sheets.  I started stressing over the perfect name for the sheets.  This was our big break.

The next morning, I found this.

Grrrrr.  Well, scratch that land out west that we were planning to buy. 

Someone *stole* our idea.  Okay, so they didn't *steal* my idea.  But man, I was disappointed, with a capital D. 

And then, the whole lottery thing didn't work out for us last night either.  I tell ya, I'm just destined to be working class forever, I guess.

So it's not like winning the lottery, but winning the Noxzema give-away is pretty close.  The gift pack came in yesterday (sorry Ms. Winner for the delay) and I about fell over.  I received two boxes yesterday, one from Fed Ex and one from UPS.  The Fed Ex box held a late Christmas gift.  The UPS box was the box from Noxzema.  The UPS box was more than twice the size of the Fed Ex.  I stood in my foyer with jaw dropped and camera phone in hand.  Mr. Noxzema, you outdid yourself.  This puppy is niiiiice.  I'll ship it out to the winner today.

Oh, and my late Christmas present that also came yesterday is now living in my kitchen.  And I love her.  Now I mentioned (was it yesterday?) that my coffee was starting to not taste good to me and I can't even tell you why.  I even did the "clean" function on my pot and the vinegar brewed through. It just still tasted kind of ick.  So today, I had my first cup of Keurig coffee.  I bought their brand of "Donut Shop Coffee" and let me just say that it's divine.  Tastes so fresh and so rich and so.....good.  The only issue...all of my coffee cups are too tall to fit under the spout thingy.  Sooooo I must go shopping and find myself a super cute *short* coffee cup to fit.  Strange problem, right?  But if every cup tastes as good as this one, it's worth it.  And, I see it as a reason to buy myself my blogging coffee cup.  Maybe I'll even buy a custom coffee cup with my blog logo on it.  Yes, there is a blog logo coming.  But that's a secret.  Shhhh.  And maybe I can even give away a cup or two.  We'll see.  School starts in just a few weeks and I have a feeling that I'm going to have an adjustment period of figuring out my time, or lack of.

But back to my too tall coffee cups.  You should have seen me scavenging through my kitchen looking for a shorter coffee cup last night.  I searched everywhere, but I guess I gave all of our old dishes to Goodwill (which is great that I donated!).  I was super sad thinking that I wouldn't get to try out my new gadget.  So my husband got out a pyrex bowl (a small one) and put it under there. Ta-da!  Makeshift cup.  I brewed into the bowl and poured it into my tall cup.  I am not doing that every day.  But I got to enjoy my new gadget and drink and delish cup of coffee today.  Go us.

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Raegan is my world said...

OMG. I am super excited to get my package. I will trade you for the coffee maker :) J/k. I want a Keurig. I might have to go out and purchase one.

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