Saturday, January 29, 2011

Going back to the 4th grade

I haven't mentioned anything about school yet...but on Thursday we got our grade and classroom assignments.  And while I wish I could have gotten 2nd again, like I had previously in my Lab 1, I was assigned to 4th grade-gifted.  Oh boy. 



I must admit that I'm a tad intimidated.  Not because they are gifted, but because of the way that I'm going to have to teach.  Gifted students learn on a higher level of thinking.  They need that challenge.  What if I'm unable to challenge them?  What if I am unable to make them think?  What if I bore them?

Heck, what if they are smarter than me?!  There are game shows about this stuff, you know!

To make things worse, their classroom teacher is less than thrilled to have a student working with her.  So that makes it difficult.  But, I was given what I was given and I must forge ahead.

So this semester, I'm teaching science, social studies and math to a group of 20 fourth graders, who probably know more than me.  Ahhhhh, well. 


Heather said...

You will do GREAT! They wouldn't have assigned you to that if you couldn't handle it and I know you can! =)

Amanda said...

I loved that book when I was a kid! You will do great!

Bethany said...

You will do amazing!!!

Diving Into Love said...

You will do amazing! No worries! Hopefully the teacher will see how awesome you are and lighten up! She should count her blessings for having an intern!

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