Friday, January 28, 2011

Take a bite!

Eating humble pie is not nearly as bad as I thought it would be.  I've contemplated that phrase quite a bit the last couple of days.  And for a while I wasn't even sure that it was the correct phrase for my situation, but after much "research" I think that it's ultimately fitting.  I am admitting my error.

My error was that I had to fill my life with stuff to be happy.  I had to prove myself and our family with material things.  I fell into the mind set that money makes you happy.  I let money define part of me.

Since undergoing our "stuff purge" I have felt so relieved!  I'm going through things that I have been hanging on to forever (like those two Fossil watches that I haven't worn in years), for what reason I'm still not sure.  Some things are going up for sale on Craigslist (love that site!), some will be donated, and some will be put into storage. 

We just have so much "stuff" and no where to put it!  Especially when we move in just a few weeks.  A much smaller place, indeed.

Not only are we purging our lives of the material things that are unnecessary, but other things as well.  Like I mentioned before, I cut our cable down to bare minimum.  That was when we took our first bite of humble pie.  I called and reduced our services (saving a bunch of money!) and they said it would all be cut in about 24 hours.  So, we plopped down in front of the TV after Kinley went to bed and decided to enjoy the last night with our DVR and watch the Bachelor.  Well, twenty minutes into it and it went black.  Then we got a message saying we were unsubscribed to the service.

We both just sat there.

Deep breath........

We're still alive!  It didn't kill us, yet!

It was then that we got our first taste of what life will be like, living a more minimalist style.

And while at that moment, when we didn't get to find out who didn't get the rose and had to take a moment to say her good-byes, we were bummed.  Today, we're excited.

We realize that it's going to be okay.  And we're looking forward to a new way of living.  Living on what we need.  Not stressing over finances anymore.  Or stressing less.  I think that it will be about a year before we'll feel complete relief.  But in the big picture, what is a year? 

This year of cuts, of stress, of wondering what to do.....this too shall pass.

We were talking about this struggle that we're in over dinner, and my husband said that all he wants is for Kinley to have everything she needs and every opportunity she wants.  And I reminded him that we were working towards that exact goal.  We may struggle when she's one or two....but will be reaping the benefits when she's three and four and five.....  This is worth it.  She is worth it.

Anyone need a straw?  I seem to have pulled out a few too many.

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GinaClaire said...

I am so proud of you, you are an amazing inspiration. Hugs


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