Monday, January 24, 2011

Bang Bang

Sometimes, I feel like I just shoot myself in the foot.  And lately, it seems that I'm doing it alot.  Ugh.

So the "mold inspector" came this morning.  Turns out, he's not a mold inspector at all.  He knew nothing about mold!  He looked at the windows and agreed that we have a "moisture problem" but couldn't tell me anything more than that.  I then took the opportunity to explain to him that our carbon monoxide detector kept going off as well.  But since it was hit and miss as to when it would blare, I figured it was a malfunctioning detector.  Thought that maybe he would have some advice as to what to do.  He does wear the "City Inspector" badge, after all.

Yeah, he had nothing.  He said that maybe I could call the gas company or call the fire department but he thought it would be sufficient to just issue a notice to our landlord. 

The landlord that we were trying to *not* tell until we had a mold report.

So yeah, he's calling him today to issue him a 3 day allowance to get the CO2 detector replaced and a 30 allowance to "FIX" the moisture problem. 

Now where does that leave us?  It leaves us with the possibility of Mr. Landlord coming in and bleaching the molded areas &/or painting over the molded areas (as it appears he's done before) and I'm willing to bet that all of this will be done in the place of an inspection. 

Thank you Mr. City Inspector.

And to make it all hurt that much more..... we fell in love with an apartment yesterday.  And, it's $300 less per month.

I feel like I just shot down any chance at all of us getting out of this place.  And getting it mold tested.

Just for the heck of it, I called a professional mold testing company and they charge $250 for a full air inspection and sample testing.  But in my opinion, that should be at the expense of the property owner, not the tenant.

What to do, what to do.....


Life of a SAHM said...

I would hire the testing company. I know it's $250, but if mold is found, the property owner would be required to pay for it. If there is mold in the house, you could possibly get out of the lease if the landlord doesn't fix it properly. Or, you could always give him the option of letting you out of your lease with not charging him the $250 for the mold testing company. Ya, you would eat that, but you could move out. That sounds a lot safer. Painting over mold does nothing.

Crystal said...

You might want to check inside the corners of your closets. We had the exact same issue as you do in the windows in the apartment we use to live in and started noticing it a lot of other places. It was also behind the headboard of our bed. I know that couldn't be healthy. Or landlord just had someone come in and paint over it like nothing. I even had a few clothes that were hanging in my closet up against where the mold was that got ruined.

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