Monday, January 24, 2011

She's got nothin' but time

It's probably pretty obvious that school has taken over about 99% of my free time.  Hence the lack of blog time.  While I am staying on top of things, mostly, I find that my confidence in my work has gone down so much.  When I was in school before, I would hammer out an assignment in no time and submit it without thinking twice. Now, I finish it and then spend the next several hours going over it a million times just discounting every word I had just typed.  Where is my confidence?!  I guess Dr. Laura was/is right. 

So I'm sitting here, with both of my math methods assignments done...yet I'm so full of doubt that I can't click that "Submit" button.  Ugh.

And to help matters, Kinley is now walking.  And getting into *everything*!

She thinks that she's helping me....scratch that, she really doesn't care if she's helping or not.  But is it the age?  Ugh!!!!!!!  She is in to *everything*.  And when I tell her no, she turns around, smiles and then goes about her business.  No concern in the world.  She runs the household.

Where did we fail?  Can we get the control back?

Our nights have been completely dreadful the past month.  She stays up until she feels like going to bed and then gets up two or three times during the night.  This causes us to be complete crabs to each other and anyone else that we come into contact with.  And really, we just don't need the crankiness in our lives right now.  We have enough drama.

Last night we decided to start a new routine.  Dr. Laura and I talked about establishing a schedule for Kinley to help me get back into control of myself and my time and my life, basically.  So we decided that 8:00 would be bath time.  From the bath, we would spend time in her room.  Reading (yeah right, the child will not sit for a story, anyone else have that problem?), playing with her stuffed animals or puzzles.  Then at 8:45 it's time to nurse and go to sleep.  Last night, she was asleep by 9 and got up at 4 and 5.  But she went back down both times and got up at 7:30. 

Problem being, on Tuesday and Thursday, we're up at 4:30 getting ready for school/work/daycare.  Her getting us up at 4 is not cool.

I'm kind of hoping to push bath to 7:00 and then bed by 8:00 but I'm not sure we can do that. 

It's all trial and error, I guess.

What routines work for you?

This is so helpful when I'm trying to study.  *So* helpful.


Rachel said...

We start Logan's bed routine at about 630 pm most nights. Bath at 630, quiet time/story time after, and in bed no later than 730. He sleeps until 7:45am most days. I've noticed if we get out of routine and he goes to bed later, he wakes up earlier (no sure how that works out...) As for him getting into everything and having no control over him...if you solve that problem...let me know the trick:)

Heather said...

Parker is the same way with getting into everything, and No is his favorite word. Mommy is SOOO funny when she says No, No, NO! I don't have any tricks for that...

Our bedtime ritual is the same everynight, but not always the exact time. Usually around 6:30 he gets a bath and all ready for bed, he then plays until he gets fussy (usually around 7:30) I tell him it's time for night night, he brings me a book and we read it, then I make his bottle, feed it to him, take him down the hall to his room, say our bedtime prayers and turn on the nightlight, lay him down and voila! He usually sleeps until 9:30, unless I have to work and then he is up before I leave (he somehow just knows!)

I know it seems hard to keep the routine since you get up so early, but I don't think it really matters what time you do it, as long as the sequence is the same and she knows what to expect. I do think that going to bed at 9 is too late for her age, I'd move the bedtime to 7:30 or 8:00, you'll all be happier I'm sure!

Amanda said...

In our house things are pretty laid back and so is our routine. Due to Brynleigh's dry skin we don't do bathtime every night, I'm sure that will change as she gets bigger and into everything. Our routine is bath every other night at around 6:30 or if it's bath night and we aren't going to be home she will get a bath when we get off work before we head out around 4. We play till around 7 or 7:30, then we turn off all the lights in the house and she gets her sippy of milk while we rock in the chair. After she gets done with her sippy, she puts a paci in her mouth and we rock till she falls asleep, usually by 8 pm. And on the other nights its the same minus a bath. We try to keep bedtime around the same time every night no matter what we are doing. She sleeps till anytime between 5:30-6:30 in the morning.

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