Sunday, January 30, 2011

Add it to the pot

Yesterday was such an awesome, super accomplished, day.  I was able to get Kinley bathed and myself showered before noon (and I even managed to feed her and brew my coffee)...I know.  I said it was a super accomplished day. 

I sold her jumperoo on Craigslist, so the family came to pick it up at 11:00.  Go me, that's $40 to add to the pot!

After the family left (they were so nice, I wanted to be their friend!), Kinley and I hightailed it over to the Comcast office to return our equipment.  And then had to mail off my old ipod.  Sold that this weekend as well.  Add another $80 to the pot.  We got home and Kinley went down for a nap.  While she slept, I was able to tackle almost all of my homework.  And would you believe that she took an almost 4 hour nap!?  I kid you not.  Talk about letting mommy get her work done.  I actually wanted to wake her up because I missed her so much.

Last night we took both of our vehicles to Carmax to discuss trading to something a little better on gas, since we're spending on average $150 a WEEK on gas.  Yes, that is almost $600 a MONTH on GAS.  Absolutely RIDICULOUS.  Well, they weren't offering much along the lines of a trade, and since both of our vehicles are paid off, we were not about to discuss trading up (which they wanted us to do) and walk out with car payments.  I'll take my gas guzzlers, thankyouverymuch.

We got home and decided to watch a movie, since there was nothing on TV.  We haven't watched a movie in forever, due to our DVR always having something we enjoyed watching ready to go.  Honestly though, we aren't missing it yet!  Twenty minutes into the movie, I fell asleep.  Okay, maybe forty minutes.  Gotta give myself some credit.

This morning, Kinley let us sleep till 7 and that was awesome.  She also has slept through the night the last two nights.  Even awesomer.

We made it to church and Kinley cried when we dropped her off at the nursery.  Which made me want to cry.  And then my husband started running his mouth (like he's so good at doing) and that made me want to stomp on his toe.  With my hooker boots heel.  Sometimes, he just needs to zip it.  I was standing outside of the nursery, down a ways so that she couldn't see me, and was waiting to hear her calm down.  She was crying. Hard.  I could not just walk into church and forget about it like he wanted me to do.

I told him to go on and I'd be in when she calmed down.  And then he starts his huffy and puffy hissy fit saying "that's it, I'm never coming to church again!  We can't even enjoy coming here because she always cries and you just want to stand in the hallway the whole time!"  Now, let me tell you, it was about five minutes before the singing started, which is about ten minutes before service starts.  It's a very casual church, so you can walk in on time, five minutes late, twenty minutes late.....THEY DON'T CARE.  So if I want to stand there for ten minutes (it only took her maybe four minutes to calm down, mind you) then I will.  He just continued with his huffing and puffing and ranting and raving.  I wanted to stomp on his toe even harder.  So when he says that he's never coming to church again, I said "then don't, I really don't care." And I mean that. 

This whole hallway spat, really upset me.  And started to ruin my mood and take away from my much awaited for Sunday worship.  I couldn't even get in the mood to sing, darn it.  And I like to sing!  But, I talked myself down from the anger and just let it go.  And it's a good thing too, cause today's message was AH-MAZING.  Blog worthy, really. 

Something that I'm learning through this whole process that I'm going that I can't make everyone else happy.  I can make me happy.  I can make my daughter happy.  I can do what I know is right.  Aside from that, whatever happens, happens.  He needs to do his part.

Just like with this purging thing....I have listed and sold several things in the past couple of days.  Him?  Nodda.  Nothing.  Zilch.  Zero.  Am I bitter?  You betcha.  I am parting with MY things.  Things that I've held on to for some time.  Years, actually.  I'm parting with them for the betterment (is that a word?) of our situation.  Him?  He's along for the ride.  He's along to nag and wine and complain...but not do a thing about it.


I fell into the "complaining about husband" mode.  Sorry.

Today, I sold two bar stools that were used in my first apartment.  My first solo apartment.  I loved those stools.  But, I added another $25 to the pot. 

I keep telling myself that the more that I sell, the less I'll have to move.  And the less I'll have to store.  And that motivates me to find something else. 

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