Saturday, December 18, 2010

Momma's going out!

I had my eyebrows "designed" last night.  Remember me talking about that super posh salon by my house, where I had my eyebrows waxed designed a few months ago?  I went back.  But this time, I got dressed for the appointment.  Well, I didn't go naked the first time, obviously.  But I dressed more appropriate this time around.  No jeans and hoodie for me!  I had on my boots, my mostfavoritejeansinthewholeworld and a cute sweater.  I felt pretty. 

To be honest, I felt more like I belonged this time.  I'm sure it was all in my head. 

It was nice to feel pampered, even if they were ripping hairs from my face.  What I like about this salon is that they use hard wax.  If you're sensitive skinned like me, then you probably break out in those irritating tiny bumps from waxing.  For some reason, the hard wax doesn't make me break out.  And so far *knock on wood* that has been true for this time as well.  I think I've cracked the code. 

I didn't take a picture of the water in the salon
but if I did, this is what it would have looked
When I walked in, the super posh salon guy that was seated behind the desk, offered me some cucumber water as he notioned toward this very cool glass decanter looking thing and pretty goblets all lined up next to it.  I've heard of cucumber water on Oprah--or was it Ellen?--but I've personally never tried it.  And I'm kicking myself for not saying "why yes, I would love some!" but what did I say instead?  "Ummm, no thanks."  So now I'm thinking about this mysterious cucumber water non stop.

I found a recipe for it online (yes, I looked up a recipe for something as simple as cucumber water...just like I looked up the recipe to make a new mix of cinnamon sugar yesterday.  whatever.) and it looks relatively easy.  Duh.'s CUCUMBER WATER.  Seems pretty elementary.  I think I may give it a try here at home.  I rarely drink water, unless it has some sort of mix in it....or it's made into sweet tea....but I think I would drink it with the fresh taste of cucumber and mint and lime.  Hmmmmmmm.  I like lime anything.

Danielle and I--obviously having too much fun.
Tonight is my date night with my bestie.  We're going to dinner at this new place called The White Chocolate Grill and I'm super excited.  I sort of feel sad that I'm trying a new restaurant without Richie.  Is it strange that I want to experience all new things with him?  It's one of those things where you know it's going to be an amazing experience and I'll want to come home and dish about it's greatness and he won't be able to share in it....know what I mean?  Don't get me wrong, I am super excited about our girls night out....but it's a twinge of sadness mixed in.

Now that we have Kinley, Richie and I don't get to try out these nice new places to eat or go.  We really need to work on hiring a sitter.  I have several that I've talked to via email that I found via Craigslist but I'm just scared of going with someone random.

Marc, Joy, Richie and Danielle--the last time
we saw this band play.
After dinner, we're going to go and see a band at a bar in a small little suburb where I used to live pre-Richie.  I'm really excited about that.  I used to go and see this band all the time back in my party days, and it's been well over three years since I've last been to one of their shows.  It should be a really good time.

I think that this will truly be my first time in the bar scene since becoming a mom.  That is pretty scary.  Not that I'm scared of the bar... but scared to test my own self discipline.  I am still a breast feeding mommy and I can't over-indulge.  If you know what I mean.  That may be hard.  The last time that I was active in the bar scenes, I had no self discipline.  I partied till I was done and then I went home to sleep it off.

Kinley won't care what happened the night before when she does her daily 6 a.m. wake up call.  She won't care when mommy got home or how tired mommy is feeling.

I just hope that Richie is able to get her to go to sleep at bedtime.  She has always nursed before bedtime and tonight, she won't.  We'll see how this goes.  I feel sort of guilty.  I rationalize it with the fact that she is over a year old now and she doesn't *need* the nursing.  Ugh...the guilt.

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Heather said...

I LOVE that you want to experience everything with Richie, that is so sweet to me. I'm so excited for you, getting to go out!

Also,I think it's good for Kinley to have her daddy there to put her to bed (routine is good, but sometimes you have to mix it up a little so they're not stuck in it) but I understand your worry, Parker only wants me to put him to bed we have our little routine, and say our prayers and he lays right down for me, the few nights I've had to work til 11:30 have not been pretty for my mom because he doesn't want anyone but me at bedtime- but, they have to learn at some point and it's better now than years down the road.

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