Friday, December 17, 2010

Kinley Reviews

I haven't done a "Baby Product" must have list, and my baby is now over a year old.  I've tried so many different things and liked/hated so many things.  I don't really have the energy to make a complete list today (I intend to do so very soon) but I do want to give props to two things that we recently added to our toy collection. 

If you're doing Christmas shopping for an infant/toddler, I *highly* recommend the following two toys:

Kinley got both of them for her first birthday and they are just awesome. 

The car has a hand opening in the roof for mom or dad to push it from behind and it is high enough that it doesn't break your back to push her around in it...and it now has a foot "tray" thingy so that her feet don't dangle and get caught up when you push her.  It's removeable so that you can take it out when she's ready to learn to do it on her own.  It also has a door safely latch so that you can keep it in the closed position to keep from pinched fingers.  It also has a wide wheel base to keep it from tipping over in those moments when daddy is doing donuts on the wood floor in the kitchen.  :)

The dinosaur is the cutest thing ever.  It plays this adorable song while she pushes it and his "spikes" are buttons that make him sing.  She adores the dinosaur.  The only downside is that she doesn't know how to turn yet.  If it's a straight hall, she is golden!  But otherwise, mom or dad needs to stay close to make the turns for her.  It also becomes a ride on toy later down the road.  Both products get two huge paci's up from Kinley Grace. 

We highly recommend both for any little one's on your shopping list this season!

Her first ride in the car.  Her face cracks me up! 

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Raegan is my world said...

Raegan loves her car too. We call it honk honk and she gets right in it and plays

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