Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Birthdays, birthdays, everywhere!

Life is going fast this week.  I have Richie's birthday on Friday followed by our big "First Birthday" celebration for Kinley on Saturday.  Aaaaand, I procrastinate and just now started working on both of them.  We're leaving Friday night to head to my mom's house since we're having her party there on Saturday.  I sort of wish that I had just planned it at our house, and if people came, great, if they didn't, great.  That's mean, isn't it?

Kinley just doesn't ride well the past week or so.  I think that it's because she doesn't like being bundled in the car.  I got her a fleece bunting that is (supposed to be) safe in a car seat, but she still hates it as much as her coat.  So she cries.  All the way there.  All the way home.  It's nice.  So a three hour ride is not something I look forward to.  Of course we will unbundle her for that ride, but still.  I think she's still going to have a fit.  And I'll be stuck in the back seat between her and the dog.  Not ideal.

Richie totally gets the shaft on his birthday from here out.  I mean, Kinley totally steals the show.  He says he's okay with it, but after just going through my own birthday drama, I know that it needs to be acknowledged and celebrated.  So last night I sent out a text to a couple of his friends up here and invited them over.  I meant to invite them on Thursday night but instead said "tomorrow night" which means that I'm having people over tonight.  My house is so not ready for company.  Ready or not!

Today I have to clean, run errands, plan some appetizers and get ready for the "party."  Busy, busy.  Kinley and I went to Party City yesterday to get her 1st birthday decorations and they just had mediocre (is that spelled right?  I'm too lazy to look it up) selections.  I got the pink and green theme still, but I was hoping for the "perfect" stuff and I didn't find it.  I shouldn't have put it off for so long and just ordered the stuff that I wanted online.

Richie and I have given Kinley all of the gifts that we got her for her birthday.  We're softies and were so excited to see how she'd like them, that we couldn't wait for her birthday.  So now I'm trying to decide what else to get her for opening at her party.  I am making her the Lucy photo album.  She is obsessed with looking at pictures and carries around her family album.  As much as she adores Lucy, I think the album of Lucy pictures will be a huge hit.  Last night I was going through the million folders of pictures on the computer and it's a definate change in the contents from 12/11/09 and on.  I found *maybe* 8 pictures of Lucy post 12/11/09 and prior to that date, I found numerous.  It's so obvious that she was replaced.  She was the's no wonder she's had some defiant moments.  Poor dog.



The other thing that I'm thinking about getting her (and don't laugh) a collar and leash.  No joke, Lucy's collar and leash are in her hand constantly.  She drags them behind her while she crawls along.  And, she puts the collar around the little handle on her dinosaur push toy and acts like she's walking the dinosaur.  It is way too cute.  So I thought I would get her a collar and small leash of her own, for her dinosaur.  I know it's a crazy idea....but she will *love* it.  And her birthday is about making her smile.  Heck, my every day is about making her smile.

As for Richie's birthday (see, he comes second on the birthday talk, shame on me!) I want to make it special....last year, I was sent to the hospital on his birthday and we (I) labored all day/night and his birthday went by the wayside.  I had contractions all week that week but by his birthday, I felt that they subsided and had planned a nice family dinner with his favorite, meatloaf, and ordered a cake from his favorite bakery.  Everything was planned perfectly.  At my OB appointment that morning, my dr informed me that I was in labor and sent me to L&D.  Hmmmm, who knew.  So we ended up eating his birthday cake two days late in the hospital cafeteria.  It was stale.  But we sang and ate anyway.  I'll never forget that day.  Our baby was up in the NICU and I felt the first mommy guilt by leaving the floor to go to the cafeteria to celebrate while knowing that she was struggling to breathe.  Bad mommy.  I had to carry a pillow to sit on and walk so slowly.  Ugh.  Those first two weeks post delivery were not cool.  Ouch.  Every day this week, counting down to her big day, I think back and say "this time last year....."  How quickly a year flies by when you don't even realize....and this time last year....

So this year, I want to do Richie right and have a little something for him.  Okay, that sounds kinky.  I don't mean "do" him right. Geez....this isn't "that" kind of blog!  Ugh.  I ordered him a few things that he picked out online for work.  I'm going to let Kinley "pick" out a shirt and I'm going to get him a new wallet.  It's not much, but all of our money this week went to Kinley's party.  It's not the price of the gifts that make the day, it's the thought that counts.  Right? 

Don't worry mom, I got this.

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