Monday, December 6, 2010

Joy Never Surrenders

I can't believe that a few weeks ago, I contemplated dropping this Shakespeare course.  I thought that it was too much, it was too hard, I was too dumb and too busy and too.....

Tonight, I finished my final and clicked "submit" and then went and double checked that all of my discussion board assignments were complete.  Done and Done.  Two weeks before the semester is over, I am done.

I currently have an 87% in the class.  Not too shabby, really. Especially for a girl that struggles so hard with Shakespeare.  So, I feel comfortable thinking that *worst case* I'll pull a B.  Secretly, I hope for an A but I know that it's pretty far fetched.  Unless I *really* rocked the final.  But I'll be happy with the B. 

Surprisingly, I learned that there are two of his plays that I truly love (Much Ado About Nothing and Merchant Of Venice) and learning that is worth a bunch.  It was always so intimidating to me, but not anymore.  Bring it on.

Joy Never Surrenders.  It says so on the sign.

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