Thursday, December 9, 2010

Stinky Mango

She is her mother's daughter.  I remember my parents always saying that I wasn't happy unless I was right in the middle of everything-didn't want to miss anything.  I guess I'm still that way. 
Kinley, most definately is.  She is so nosey!  When we're in restaurants or just out in public, she will stretch her little neck as far as she can to see/hear what the people next to us are doing or talking about.  I just laugh, cause I know that she's just like me.  People watching is my thing. 

I had a friend (whom I don't ever see or talk to anymore, sadly) that was my people watching buddy.  Him and I would plan "dates" to go out for dinner and people watch.  We would analyze people and make up stories about what their life was like, what they were doing out, etc.  Stalkers?  No.  Just imaginative.  Those "dates" were some of the best times.  We could come up with the best stories. 

So last night, we had Dave over for Richie's small birthday celebration.  Dave is a very good friend of of our best.  Him and my cousin were in that wedding contest last week.  Richie and I always say that the song "You Find Out Who Your Friends Are" is about Dave--he's that kind of friend.  Anyway, he came over and we had appetizers and chili and cupcakes.  It was a nice time. 

Kinley, however, thought the celebration and visit was for her.  She was in major show-off mode.  Trying to show off all of her mad skills by climbing on top of everything, pushing her upside down cart, and proving that she is the boss when it is time for bed. 

Normally, she puts herself right to sleep.  She has been for a couple of weeks.  There is this cue that she gives us that lets us know that she is ready.  So we walk her up, kiss her lots and tell her good-night, sweet dreams, we love her to the moon and back, and we lay her down.  She rolls over and goes to sleep.  It rocks. 

Well last night, she started the cues out right....wanted to nurse, was getting cranky...the norm.  So then when she was done nursing she did the nuzzle/thrash which says "put me in my bed, now" and so we walked her up, kissed her lots, told her good-night and that we love her to the moon and back and laid her down.  In a split second she popped back up.  Almost as if she just realized what was happening.  And she cried, and cried, and stood up and cried.  We gave her about ten minutes (she didn't cry solid for ten minutes, I couldn't handle that) but she whimpered and we knew that she wasn't going to sleep.

So I went up and got her and brought her back downstairs and she just smiled at Dave!  She was like, "I'm sorry that my parents took me away from you."  And she had to show-off some more.  It was getting late (for us old folks, in reality, it was about 9:00) and Dave had to get going home.  So he grabbed the chili I packed up for him (and Jaime) and headed out.  Five minutes later, we repeated the bed-time routine and Kinley went to sleep.  I swear that she just wanted to see Dave off.

She just didn't want to leave her company.

Lucy is also thinking that Dave was here for her.

Kinley had to show Dave our "bzzzzzz" game.
Yesterday on Facebook, there were some funny status updates regarding that number game that is going around.  I was rolling outta my chair reading some of them!  My favorite, "Anyone who sends me a number and a question will get a solid fist to the face for your answer. Lol."  I'm not playing the game.  I think it's silly.  I mean, really, if people were truly honest, then maybe I would play.  But really, who is going to say, "#67867868, your whiney, stupid comments make me crazy and I think you need to get over yourself.  Oh, and learn how to spell." 

Or in my case, I could see someone saying to me, "#98798798, If you post one more thing/picture about your daughter, I'm going to snap.  You are 'that girl' that thinks that everyone else should be as interested in your child as you are."  So yes, I am aware that I overpost about Kinley.  But, come on, no one is honest on the game.  So why play it?  It annoys me.  If you really want to say something nice to/about someone, just do it.  Send them a message or put the little "@" in front of their name in your status update to tell them that they are a great friend/mom/sister.  Don't say nice things just for the game, say them because it's just the nice thing to do.  -stepping off my soap box-

Oh, and one more thing.  Mangos (or is it Mangoes?) stink.  I have one in our fruit basket on the table right next to my laptop.  Ick.  Nasty smelling-great tasting thing.  Kinley and I will have to eat it today cause I can't handle smelling it another morning.  Gross.

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