Thursday, November 18, 2010


Ugh.  My day is just so blah today.  Ever have those days?  Sure you do.  We all do.  Normally I put on my smile anyway and push on through....but today, I think I'm going to stay in my pajamas and put on a movie.  I honestly can't remember the last time that I watched a movie.  That's bad.  I deserve a movie!  We'll see if Kinley agrees....I have a feeling she won't.

Yesterday, Kinley and I drove over to the homeless shelter to deliver our apple juice and ketchup.  As I drove down the main street of town, I saw the stores window displays all ready for Christmas.  The fake snow, the Christmas trees, the lights.....and the street lights are being decorated for the holiday as well.  I've never seen real trees put on top of a light pole before...but I have now.  They have real trees up there, folks. 

All around this little shelter, life was going on.

I rang the bell and waited for someone to come to the door.  A lady answered and invited us in.  I told her that I saw the website and their needs list and while it wasn't much, I had some to share.  She thanked me over and over and asked if she could take my name to add it to the donation list.  I looked around quickly while she took down my name and inside I saw bunk bed after bunk bed and a lady putting fresh sheets on them.  But sadly, no lights, no fake snow, no trees. 

Kind of made me sad.  Made me think about how those people feel that come there at the end of their day. 
I felt proud as I held my baby there, showing her what it's like to give.  I hope that as she grows, we do this often and it will become a common thing to her.  And as she's older, we'll share times of serving together.  And I hope that it warms her heart the way that it warms mine.

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Brandi said...

good for you, joy! if you're feeling really bored or festive or energetic, you could always offer to decorate that shelter for them! that is totally something i'd do.
you do deserve a movie. if i were you, i would make it r-rated or an inappropriate pg-13 because it won't be long before kinley will be able to understand them and you won't be able to watch them anymore!

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