Saturday, November 6, 2010


It's Saturday and I'm blogging.  I'm blogging because Richie is working.  I hate him being gone so much.  I admit it.  It is true that absence makes the heart grow fonder, but enough already.  This new job has him working so many hours....and for the first two weeks (one down, one to go) he's working out of an office north of here.  Not far, but Chicago traffic SUCKS.  He calculated that he's spent over 12 hours in the commute this week.  And this office is only about 35 miles from our house.  Too bad they don't pay for the commuting time as well!  One more week and he'll move to another office that isn't necessarily closer, but an easier commute.  We hope.  I guess this company works almost every Saturday too, so our weekends as we knew them are no longer.  I miss him.

I have felt so inspired this week.  With Richie gone so much during the day, I've been able to catch up on some of my DVR'd shows and I'm really impressed with TV this week!  (or the past few weeks, I'm pretty behind on some shows)  Normally, I would say that most TV is just time filler but the last few things I've caught up on have really made my heart warm. 

In the last week or so, we've noticed that Kinley is aware of our relationship.  Well, not our "relationship"...she doesn't understand marriage, obviously, but I think she notices our love for each other.  When we hug or kiss or just stand in the kitchen holding each other...she watches and smiles and claps and just shows pure joy.  When we noticed that she noticed, we realized that we need her to see that often.  I think that kids today don't see it enough.  Thinking back to my own childhood, I don't remember many times of seeing my parents showing signs of affection towards each other.  One time in particular, I remember walking in to Walmart and they held hands.  All three of us kids started fake gagging and begging them to stop because we were so embarrassed.  Makes me laugh now....but I guess it was such an odd gesture for us to see that we felt uncomfortable.  Maybe it's no surprise that their marriage sadly ended in divorce. 

So while catching up on some shows this week, I watched two interviews with Portia De Rossi (hope I spelled that right).  One with Oprah and the other with Ellen.  In both of them I witnessed such true love between Ellen and Portia.  Now I know that this creeps in on the issue of gay relationships and yadda, yadda, yadda but aside from all is love.  This is my blog, my view, let me just go with it.  I don't care what orientation you are, love that is that evident is beautiful.  Did you see the interview?  Here is the link on that you can see it (it's in like three different parts).  I just felt that their love for each other was so refreshing.  And then on the Robin Roberts special this week, LeAnn Rimes did an interview with her new beau (and again, I don't care about the drama attached to her and the guy).  They seem so purely in love.  It could all be a bunch of BS and they could be seperated by now for all I know, but the interview just seemed so beautiful.  You can see that here

Maybe I'm just a little senitmental this week but I've just really felt so inspired.  I think it's good to have days/weeks where life just seems a little brighter or a little softer.  I think it's those weeks that get us through the rough patches.  Lord knows I have enough of those.  So I embrace weeks like this where I hug my baby a little longer and cuddle with my husband a little closer.  Humans need that.  I'm sure it's proven somewhere.

While on my Oprah catch-up, I also watched the first of two episodes for her vacation to Yosemite with her friend Gayle (or is it Gail?).  I vow to take that vacation, soon.  I think that instead of that Mexico trip that we've had our hearts set on, we will do Yosemite first.  It looks so beautiful!  Maybe Oprah producers just made it look magical, but I would like to think that it just is that beautiful.  Richie (being a tree guy) has always wanted to see the ginormous trees and I want to be there the first time he does.  I think I'm going to rename our savings account our "Yosemite Fund" and it encourages me even more to tighten the belt around here.  I've not priced the trip but I can only imagine how expensive it would be. 

What has inspired you this week?

Oh, and you know the drill:  Vote for Kinley Grace!

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Brandy Junge said...

I love this! When Evelyn sees John and I hug or kiss she always wants hugs and kisses, too. We pick her up in between us and both kiss her until she giggles. She loves it!

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