Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bored so I write about a board...

What I've been praying for, and wishing would happen, did.  Kinley put herself to sleep for both naps and bed time.  Although bed time was a little more of a struggle.  For both naps, she cried for maybe 5 minutes and then went to sleep.  And she slept for almost two hours for the first one and about an hour and a half for the second.  HUGE jump from her normal half hour nap.  AND, she woke up quiet and played nicely in her crib until I came to get her.  That hasn't happened in months.  It was like a different baby. 

Last night we were watching Survivor when she started getting super fussy.  I asked her if she wanted to go to sleepy and nurse and she huffed and puffed and cruised over to where I was sitting on the couch.  So off we went to her room to rock and nurse.  She nursed both sides and was still restless so I had Richie come up and tell her good night with me.  We put her in her crib and left.  She cried for about 7 or 8 minutes and we went in to comfort her again.  We walked back out and she cried hard for about 5 minutes.  Richie and I went back again to comfort her and I had Richie hold her next to her crib until she calmed down.  I had to leave the room because she knows how she can manipulate me and get her way and she uses that to her best ability!  haha  So I walked out and she cried.  After she calmed down, Richie laid her back down and she fell asleep.  And she's STILL asleep!  That's from 9:00 last night!  Woohoo!  But to be honest, I feel like I'm neglecting her.  I hate that she falls asleep by herself.  :(

I woke up a little early this morning.  A bad dream was haunting me and every time I closed my eyes, it picked up right where it left off.  I hate when my dreams impose a behavior on Richie that he would never have in real life.  But that's what happened.  I know that it's my past experience with my ex-husband that does that to me.  Behaviors that he had and what they did to me emotionally are still buried deep in me and fortunately they only come to life in my dreams.  So I was up in time to see Richie off for work. 

This new job is really taking a toll on him.  They work *a lot* of hours.  A lot.  He's gone from 5:30 in the morning till about 6 at night and come to find out yesterday, they work full days on Saturday too.  The paychecks will be amazing....but it's wearing on him.  I hate it and am going to try my best to make his time at home easy and relaxing.

It's funny how my goal of emptying the pantry and refrigerator makes me feel accomplished but makes Richie panic.  Last night he said "we have no food!  go to the store!"  haha, yet he ate a hearty meal and had lunch for today!  I admit it's getting a bit bare around here (I almost took a picture for this blog, but then realized that you probably don't care how empty (accomplished) my pantry looks and probably wish I'd quit blogging about stupid food!).  I may go shopping today.  We're out of Gatorade and Richie needs that for work and like I said, making his time relaxed and easy....remember?

Last night we were discussing ways for me to be able to bring in a little income without leaving the house, cause let's face it.  With his work schedule, there are no hours in the day that I could work.  Aside from Sundays, but that's family time.  I'm thinking about doing tutoring.  In the evenings a night or two a week?  What "qualifies" you as a tutor?  I would think that being two semesters from graduating with my degree in eled makes me qualified?  Maybe not?  Anyone have experience with this?

And yes, we had to order a new power cord for the Dell last night.  Kinley's trauma to the adapter is not fixable even though I've wrapped it up in packing tape.  So we did what good little money savers do and searched it up on ebay.  Paid 9.99 with free shipping!  Score!  From the Dell store, it was 65.99.  No joke.

I'm in search of a bulletin board.  I want one for my kitchen.  We have SS appliances and I guess you aren't supposed to use magnets on them.  So where can I put all of my stuff?  I have my ongoing lists for the stores that I need to go to....menus....our "what we spent this week" list and ummmmmm, I don't know.  Other bulletin board stuff that I want to put on there.  So I'm searching for a cheap one that I can make cute.  What do you have in your kitchen to keep you organized?  Or do you not keep that stuff in your kitchen?

If you haven't today, remember to VOTE FOR KINLEY!  I know I'm annoying the crap outta you for this voting thing....but I have hope.  I know that she's not going to win the Fan Vote prize.  There are entries with like 100K votes and Kinley has like, 60.  But they are also choosing 20 faces in each category to win, regardless of votes.  So I'm just hoping to get a few votes to help get her noticed?  I don't know.  Just vote.

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