Monday, November 8, 2010

Calling in sick today

Ugh.  I'm sick.  I hate it.  For the last two days I had that ick feeling in the back of my throat and now today that is mostly gone but I'm left feeling like every ounce of my energy has been zapped out of me.  I'm miserable. 

While any chance of getting housework done is non-existant, I thought I could spend my day looking for Kinley's first birthday invitations and birthday dress.  And while I'm thinking I found them, I almost feel like my sick being is just settling on something to be done with it.  And that's not my goal.  So I'm putting the search on hold for today.  Thankfully, Kinley is taking a nap and I can melt onto the couch.

Wish that mommies got sick days.

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