Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wind Tunnel

We (Kinley and I) went to pediatrician #3 today. The office was super impressive and kid friendly. The staff was amazing! So friendly and welcoming. That gave them a bonus point. The waiting time wasn't too long, +1. The exam room was roomy, kid friendly, visually stimulating, +1. The doctor came in and we so nice and "normal." Her and I had great conversation. She talked to Kinley and played with her. +1. Then we got to my "particular-ness" about her medical care. She's not 100% on board but I'd say that she's about 60%. So it's not bad. She is definately in the running. I have one more doctor to meet tomorrow and then I'll make my decision.

It's kind of funny...I have yet to even share this blog with anyone. I almost feel like it's my little secret. Kind of like my journal, of sorts. Which is what blogging is about... maybe I need to consider making this public. Or maybe I should wait. It's almost as if I'm scared of rejection. What if people don't want to read? I ramble a lot. A lot. Not only in blogging, but when talking too. I make my husband crazy, I think. Hmmm. I think I'll think on it a little longer.

My Shakespeare class is calling my name. It's online so it's the best situation for me and my ADHD ways. I was supposed to buy like 7 books for the class. Julius Caeser, Much Ado About Nothing, The Merchant of Venice, Hamlet, King Lear, The Tempest....and one more. Not recalling which one. But anyway, I went to the campus library to rent the required video (watched it already, go me!) and buy my books. Well let me tell you what a fiasco that was...
So I've learned that the junior college campus is not cut out for a baby in a stroller. I seriously got looks like I was pushing around the black plague or something. Some really funny looks... it's a kid, people. Get over it. I was surrounded by 18-19 year olds that had no clue. Some of the older people that I saw in passing looked at me with sympathy. What the heck? I never felt so out of place. Anyway, I had to park way in the back of the lot and walk quite a ways to get to the library. It was windy, my hair was in my face, all that I had was my umbrella stroller (which has zero storage space) so I had to carry the diaper bag (Which now doubles as my purse because now that I'm a mom, it's way too much on me to carry a Coach and a diaper bag. Never thought I'd see the day that Coach would get left at home.) So picture this, huge parking lot, we're in the last spot, my hair blowing like I'm in a tornado (I didn't have a hair thingy), pushing a stroller, diaper bag continuously falling off my shoulder. Yeah, it was fun. I'm sure we've all been there. All of this work to get into the building and to the book store only to find that they have only 5 of the 7 books I need. And wouldn't you know it that one that they don't have, is the one I am supposed to be reading now. Just my luck.

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