Thursday, September 2, 2010

Here goes nothing...

After getting the blog created and writing that first entry, I was so excited to get started and write more...but I have an infant and time isn't as free as it once was. She wasn't too concerned about the blog or the need for entries.

So now she's fed, changed, nursed and playing on the floor somewhat content. Ready, set, blog!

First of all, did you see Big Brother last night?! Talk about intense. I can now say that I like Enzo the least of the five left in the house. What a rude way to play the Veto challenge. Lame. Poor Ragen. I just love that guy. I really want to know what his tat says on his arm but despite my googling, I haven't found an answer. I'm holding out hope that either Britney or Ragen will come out the winner. You know, Lane did score big points with me last night when he put up Hayden over Britney. What's up with that? She is engaged, right? In my mind, I think that Hayden will go home tonight. Enzo will be next and then Ragen. My prediction is that it will be Lane and Britney in the end. I don't think that either of them need the money though.

The CMA concert thing was on too. I DVR'd it as well. I only watched half of it though, so far. But man, I thought Kelly Pickler got engaged? I didn't see a ring...but didn't she look drunk or something? She can be pretty if she tries but she just looked like trash last night. Oh, and Tim McGraw...he's always been a super hottie but his age is getting to him. His butt is gone! He's an old man that has scratched it all off. Just like George Strait. Love them both still, btw. Reba looked her age last night too. Carrie Underwood just made me want to diet. I felt so fat watching her perform. Yes, slightly jealous. Slightly.

Enough TV talk.

So Richie and I are trying out a new way of living. No, we're not going vegan, or nudist, or anything crazy like that. We're going to try out the "living on cash" way of life. We started watching that show "Till Debt Do Us Part" (wait, I thought I was done with TV talk?!) and just really liked the way that the lady planned out the finances by using the jars for expenses. So we'll see how this goes. We are the king and queen of blowing money. That debit card is the devil. I'm going to try to be more aware of what I throw in my cart at the grocery. We're going to stop buying Kinley a new outfit or toy at every shopping trip. Just be more mindful of our spending. New town, new way of thinking? Does anyone else do the cash method? I'd be interested to hear how it works.

Today I'm going out in this rainy, yuck, weather to meet with the third pediatrician. Dr. Song is her name and the website has me impressed, so we'll see how she does. I'm a super picky mom. I go off of my first impression and then the rest has to follow. Kinley is on a different schedule that most children when it comes to her medical care, so I am interviewing pediatricians to see if they will follow my preferred plan of care. I won't go into details of that here, yet, because I'm not looking for a backlash of criticism. I care for my/our daughter the way I see fit for our family. /end of that.

So while I'm pretty certain that pediatrician #2 is the winner, I have to give #3 and #4 a chance.

And now, if I don't get upstairs to shower, I never will make it to our appointment on time. I'll continue later today.

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