Wednesday, September 8, 2010


The holiday weekend came and went and so did the blogging. I just didn't have the time to sit and think. Life is definately busier when Richie is home...and I'm not sure why. So what is new?

I've got so many things swirling in this head of mine...where to begin? First of all, my laptop is making me crazy. The shift key is not on good behavior and only chooses to work half the time. That is enough to drive someone crazy. And for some reason, I only use the left shift key and never the right. I will need to retrain myself I guess...or retype everything that needs capitalized.

The Shakespeare class that I am in is already getting old. I am supposed to be reading Julius Caesar and I've resorted to finding the translated version online to read. I read through Act I yesterday and have no desire to continue. This is going to be a long semester.

I called and scheduled Kinley's 9 month appointment with the chosen pediatrician. I think that he's the perfect fit for us and my picky I pray that I'm not let down. He was my favorite out of the four that I interviewed.

The dreaded topic that I'm so mad about even having to deal with is weight. I have known that I was putting on weight in the past couple of months but I didn't realize how much until last night. My jeans have been feeling a bit tighter and I can see the flab on my belly coming back. So I stepped on the scale last night to find that I am up to 140 pounds. O.M.G. I've put on 10 pounds! I would like to blame it on the breastfeeding slowing down (she only nurses about 4 times a day now) but I know that the real culprit is myself. I have such a severe addiction to chocolate, or sweets in general. I've never been so addicted to chocolate before. Since I've given birth, it's been insane. I crave it. Quitting smoking was easy compared to quitting the chocolate. But I'm committed now, I refuse to put on any more weight. It will be good for both Richie and I to take a second look at what we're putting into our mouths. We also have the P90X that we're going to start. Or I'll say that I am going to start. I don't think he has any interest in the program. But in his defense, he has a physical job climbing trees all day. Me? Not so much. I lift Kinley and do housework but that is really the extent of my exercise. So there it is. It's out of the box. I weigh 140 and refuse to go a pound more. Whatever it takes, I will do. I want to be down to my goal weight of 120. TWENTY POUNDS. Ugh...seems so unattainable. I'll have to research some meal ideas and go grocery shopping. I really wish I could find a workout buddy around here. Kinley is going to be my walking buddy for now...I couldn't ask for better company.

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