Friday, September 10, 2010

Making a list

Today's wake up call came at about 4:30 a.m. Miss Kinley decided it would be a great time to wake up mom and dad. So she proceeded to shout out, not cry, until we came to her room. Richie got up to check on her and there she sat in her crib having a grand ole' time. Who knows how long she'd actually been awake.

He brought her to our bed and I nursed her and she was ready to go. She wanted Lucy out of her cage and wanted to get a start on her day...there is a lot of playing to do! Of course by 6 a.m. she was whining and fussing because she was tired. I rocked her to sleep and carried her back to bed and the second I lay her down, she pops back up. That brings us to this moment. She's up there crying out for me now. It's going to be one of those days.

Last night we watched Big Brother and even though we were given a glimpse into Enzo's home life and they all seem super great...I'm still not on the Enzo wagon. Everyone that I liked has gotten voted out, so now I'm just watching to watch. Hayden seems to need the money most, being a student and all. But his mouth drives me insane! I don't even know what it is but I can't stand to watch him talk. Lane is cool, probably my fave of who is left...but he doesn't need the $$. Enzo has rode on coat-tails through the whole entire game. I don't think he played a strategic game. I think he lucked out every single time. It frustrates me.

We went to bed last night and then got into the conversation about what we would do if someone broke into our house. We composed so many "what if" scenarios and ended up just scaring the bejeezes out of me. The bedrooms in our home are upstairs and Richie's gun cabinet is in the finished basement. Not very smart, eh? We really aren't in fear; our subdivision is very nice and safe...or seems to be. But you just never know. Having Kinley in our lives makes us look at every situation in a new light. Protecting her and her well being is always our top priority and having her safety at risk is just not an option. It is good to have those kinds of "what if" conversations. I think it makes you more prepared or at least feel that you're more prepared.

Kinley is still up there...and she is losing her mind. BRB.

That time worked much better. She nursed (again...third time today and it's only 7:00 a.m.)and is sleeping soundly.

How do you find motivation? I mentioned before about the P90x and needing to drop 20 pounds and I have yet to do a single thing about it. The only thing I can give myself credit for is not eating out. We made ourselves a deal that we would eat at home except for special treats and so far we're doing a really good job...but the working out has yet to happen. Why not now? I could list excuses, but you don't want to hear them. Truth be told, I'm too stinkin' lazy.

The laziness rules my world. How sad is that? Today I will make a promise to myself...I will make my list and cross things off. I love to make lists but even more, I like to cross things off. I lay in bed at night before falling asleep making my mental list and by morning I have forgotten most of the things and spend so much of my day racking my brain to remember what I forgot to remind myself to do! Ugh!

I placed and ad on Craigslist yesterday for a part time sitter for Kinley when I go back to school two days a week. Classes for that semester start January 18. I got quite a few responses...some charging 30 a day, 45 a day, 70 a day and 90 a day. Why such a wide range? Does the quality really vary that much that it could raise/lower a price *that much*? When going through the responses, there are certain things that just cause an immediate "delete" and the main thing is grammar. It's such a pet peeve for me. While I know that I'm not a grammar genious, I try to be very aware and particular when it comes to spelling/sentence structure/etc. When someone responds to my ad with several typos and referring to my daughter as "your kid" I just don't even read any further. It kind of grosses me out. I think that I found one that seems legit and worth the money. And she is pretty much on my route from home to school. We'll see how it goes....I started early with my search so that I would be certain to find someone just right for us.

I guess I should get busy on my list now....cause I could ramble all morning long. The more I ramble, the less I have to put on that list!

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