Saturday, September 18, 2010

Friday: Second verse, same as the first!

Yeah, I know that I said that I would see you on Monday...but plans changed.  Richie ended up having to work our Saturday morning routine is a Friday all over again.  Up at 5:00 for me and then I ran to Dunkin Donuts for breakfast.  It's becoming our Saturday routine to do donuts for breakfast.  Since Richie was up getting ready for work, I made the run.  And boy, they probably thought Halloween came early because I'm sure I looked like a zombie walking into the store.  I couldn't do drive thru because they never can seem to understand me, and me them.  And I never know what they call the what their named.  I know that I want a long john with white icing but when I say that they act clueless.  I don't know how else to describe it!  Ugh!  So I just go in...and today I went in just as I was.  Hair all a mess, in pajamas, glasses, the works.  It wasn't pretty.  But I assumed it was is a Saturday and it was 5 a.m.  Seriously, who is actually out and about at that hour?

Obviously, quite a few people.  How embarrassing.  I didn't make eye contact with anyone just so that they couldn't remember me if they saw me walking around Super Target.

Our whole weekend was thrown for a loop.  Starting from last night.  After Richie got home, I got showered and ready to head out.  We decided that it would be our splurge night and we'd go to satisfy  my craving for Cozymel's.  We drive over there only to find that the workers building the Chik-fil-a next to it hit a gas line.  I thought for a second that we were getting lucky.  The parking lot was empty....we'd get a table right away and our food would take no time at all!  But then I came to my senses.  Any suburb restaurant that has an empty parking lot at 7 p.m. on a Friday either A) Has roaches B)  Is closed  C)  Has a gas leak.  We pulled into a spot and the little hostess girl came running out to us to break the news and give us a free app coupon for next time.  We were so disappointed.  Our one splurge night for the week is ruined.  It was too late to go home and cook.  Kinley was a ticking time bomb about to lose her mind if she didn't eat soon.  The other restaurants in that area were cram packed at this point (because they were carrying their normal load PLUS Cozymel's load).  We ended up at the old stand-by of Noodles and Co.  I'm not is one of my favorites and Kinley can eat their food....but for my one splurge night...I wanted my table side guac!  Not flatbread and pad thai.  Oh well....we had a great dinner and everyone in there loved Kinley's little personality as she shoved noodle after noodle into her mouth.  What can I say, my daughter is absolutely adorable.  And I'm not biased, at. all.

Today we were supposed to be going to the petting zoo but that was scratched off the calendar.  Not too sure what Kinley and I will do now.  Richie thinks he'll be done by noon and if that's the case, we may still go to the zoo to check it out but we'll just not get to feed the ducks.  The duck feeding is daily at 10:30.  But she'd still love to see the other animals.  We also still have it on the agenda to visit a church tonight.

I did find a mommy group!  Several of them actually...I joined a couple and I'm going to see which one fits us best.  And they are true mommy and me style.  So I'm excited to get to meet some of the ladies in hopes that Kinley can make some new friends....oh, and me too.

I'm really missing having girl time.  Back home, I always had friends to see or to have over (for Little Caesars pizza with buffalo ranch sauce ahhhhh!).  Their babies were Kinley's age and the kids would play and we'd eat, talk, watch tv, whatever.  I miss that.  I'm sure I'll find it here, it's just going to take a little more effort and time to make it happen.

The weather here has definately turned fall.  It's so crisp outside and just makes me so excited for the pumpkin festivals.  And Kinley's 9 month pictures.  I had my friend, Kacy, make her a tutu with matching headband and it is soooooo cute.  See...
The headband has feathers on it!  Soooo clever, Kacy. I've not seen one like that before and you should totally market that on etsy!  But let me say, Kinley wore it FIRST!  Haha.  Okay, I got my childishness out.  For her pictures, we're doing some with the tutu and headband...I should probably get her a long-sleeved oneside to go with the tutu.  It's a little chilly to go topless.  I'll add that to my list today.  Then for the second outfit that she'll wear, it's a long sleeved brown dress with an empire waist.  Super cute.  But I'm going to pair it with some dark pink tights and brown shoes.  I think it will be cute.  I'd like to plan for more outfit changes, but I know my daughter and I know she's got some attitude.  Two outfits may be all that she'll tolerate.  My friend/photographer is coming up next weekend (hooray!) and we're going to try to do some of the pictures then.  I have to plan our sight seeing....that's a good "to-do" for today.

Till Monday....

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