Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday mish-mash

Thank God for Folgers.  I did not want to get up this morning.  If it weren't for my coffee and morning dose of Facebook, it would have been considered a bad day.  Pretty sad, huh.

I wasted  spent over a half hour mulling over the blog today.  My mind is mush and I really have no focus.  How is that different from any other day, really?  That Shakespeare is really wearing me down!  Yesterday, I had my goal of being more productive with my time and spend less of my day behind this laptop.  I think I did well!  I feel like I got so much done around the house but then the downside was that I was completely exhausted by 7:00 and Kinley was still full go till almost 10:00.  And honestly, at the end of the day, there is still a list a mile long of things I didn't get to.  I guess that it's just the way it is, there is never enough time in the day.  But it made me feel better inside to spend less time with my laptop and more time doing other things.

As I kept reminding myself yesterday of my goal, I realized that pulling myself out of the Facebook zone, or the internet zone in general, is pulling myself out of an addiction!  I'm no stranger to addiction....I've quit smoking twice, was addicted to weight loss, slightly addicted to drinking in my single days.  But I'll tell ya, I think that the Facebook addiction is faaaar worse to handle.  Why is that?  Because it's so readily available.  Seriously.  I can facebook and drive (but I don't do that because it's illegal, right).  I can facebook and pee!  I can facebook in church!  Now, I wouldn't do that....but I could and I have seen it done!  Facebook is so much more... accepted, dare I say?  You can't smoke just anywhere you want (thank goodness) and you can't drink just anywhere you want (not really) and well, the losing weight thing....that's a whole 'nother issue.  But you get what I'm saying?  Facebooking is crazy.  So cutting back is a work in progress.  I would love to cut it back to checking in twice a day.  I'm sure that when I'm back in school full time, I'll get there.  My time won't be so readily available as it is now. 

Enough about that.

When Richie got home from work last night we both so badly wanted to go to eat out.  We were both just torturing ourselves thinking about all of the great places to eat around here...but we promised each other to cut back on the eating out.  Not only for the waistlines but for the wallet as well.  I'd say that we were about 85% ready to just give in and head to Cozymels (their table side made guacamole is heavenly!).  So while Richie was in the shower I shoved myself into the kitchen and started cooking.  I was so proud of myself!  Normally, I am the one that caves.

After dinner, we took Lucy to the dog park for the first time and were thrilled to have the whole place to ourselves.  She's a bit high strung and we knew that she was just going to be an idiot.  We were dreading her over friendliness with the other visitors and their animals.  But it was nice that we didn't have to deal with any of that.  I'm sure it won't be that way every time, but for her first time it was just what we needed.  Kinley loved watching her run free and play.  They both really enjoyed it.  Fall has really set in here.  Kinley was bundled up in her new sweat pants (baby sweat pants are adorable!) and her jacket and I was in jeans and a jacket.  Richie, shorts, a polo and sandals.  He's holding on to summer, I guess?  It was chilly.

We did some driving around after the dog park and visited some neighborhoods looking for homes for sale to get some ideas of where we may want to watch for home sales.  Found some very nice ones....and some too nice ones!  I fell in love with one home and of course searched it up online when we got home.  Ha!  Yeah, no.

I also did a lot of thinking about the mommy group that I joined.  The leader called me yesterday to confirm that she received my registration payment and paperwork and wanted to see if I needed childcare.  Excuse me, what?  Childcare for what?  She informed me that the children don't participate in the group.  And you call yourself a mommy group?  Mommy's have children.  She said that they hire "workers" to keep the kids so that the mommy's can have their own time.  Hmmm.  But I don't need any more of my own time.  That's why I get up at 5:30 in the morning.  I asked, "who are your workers?" and she said, some people the church hires.  Nope.  Not okay with that.  Psycho mom, remember?  So last night I emailed her asking for a refund.  The kind of mommy group that I am looking for, actually spends that time with their child and other mommy friends and their children.  So I'll search for another group...and if I can't find one...I'll start one.  Maybe the SoIL Chic Mommy will be a chain!  Haha

On the agenda for today, Kinley and I are hoping to go to this mall close to our house.  I'm not sure what is in it besides Kohls, Von Maur, some other major dept stores.  We're in the mood to window shop.  I am not even bringing in my wallet....cause I know how I operate.  Even if I'm not in need of something, if it's on sale, I'll buy it just to save money.  I know, I'm stupid.  After the mall, we're supposed to go tour a prospective child care center for the part time care she'll need in January.  I still may cancel that appointment.  I'm very leary about her in a center.  Beyond those two things, I have zero plans.

This weekend we're taking Kinley to the small petting zoo on Saturday morning to do the duck feeding.  They do it every morning at 10:30 and we want daddy to come for the first time.  Then she'll get to see the animals.  Tomorrow night we'll be visiting our first church.  There are several that we're going to try and we'll try one each week until we find one we like.

Enjoy your weekend!  I'll talk to you on Monday!

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