Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Quick Step-By-Step

I have been asked on numerous occasions about our budget coach and financial planning "stuff" from Dave Ramsey.  I am always more than eager to share and pass along the good info...

So with that....
    Here is the Financial Peace University class that we took through our church.
  1. If you need to find a class offered in your area, click here.  Just put in your zip code there on the left and off you go.  I'll cross my fingers that there is one in your area.
  2. If there is no class in your area, but you still want to get on board, you can.
  3. The home study course is $99.  I know it is a lot of money.  Trust me, I know.  But I can honestly say that it will be the best $99 you will ever spend.  Save a little each month if you need to...or just don't eat out all month and save up.  
    1. The benefit to the home study route, obviously, you won't need to leave home or find a sitter, or whatever.
    2. It is the SAME DVDs and information that you would receive by going to the class.
    3. You can study at your pace, speed it up/slow it down, whatever.
  4. Following the completion of our course, we didn't know where to start.  We were a tad overwhelmed with the information and the resources.  We needed someone to help us get things organized and put "in order."  That is where our budget coach, Connie, comes in.
  5. We found her by using the Dave Ramsey site and going to this page.
    1. On this page, you will fill out your contact information and then they will get back to you via email with names of counselors (coaches) in your area.
    2. Our coach offered the first class free to assess our situation and get her opinion on our finances.  From that point, we were able to decide if this was something that we wanted to do.
    3. It does cost!  We paid about $500 (?) for her services.  Now, don't freak out!  $500 is a TON, Ton of money.  We didn't pay this in one payment.  We paid $165 over three payments.  She worked in those payments where we could afford it in our budget.  So we paid it over the span of 4 or 5 months.
      1. If you feel that there is just no way that $500 is something you can aren't alone. I thought for sure that we could never afford her.  There was no way.  We had zero money to spend on "extras."  Let me just tell you....we did it.  And it didn't hurt.  It was amazing to know that we were able to pay for this service, in cash, and not feel the pinch.
  6. My one piece of advice to you, if you are interested in taking these steps, is to really be ready.  Be ready to allow someone to TELL YOU WHAT TO DO and HOW TO DO IT!  Your coach will tell you NO more debit or credit cards.  Your coach will tell you HOW to spend your money.  Your coach will HOLD you responsible for your spending.  Your coach will EXPECT you to be serious about your finances.
    1. That said, if you feel that you are not ready to be serious and really put forth an effort, don't waste your or their time.  
Remember, we made a goof, we bought a stupid car.  But we learned so much from that goof.  You are not expected to be perfect.  Just to be real.  And don't ever feel that your situation is so bad that you are embarrassed of how bad things have gotten.  There is always someone worse off.  Our coach reminds us that she once had a client with over 400K in student loans.  Yeah, I know.  So never feel embarrassed or like you can't get help.  

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