Friday, July 6, 2012

Our Friday

Last night my friend and I scheduled a girls night out.  She has a two and a half year old as well, so nights out alone are so rare, for both of us.  We wanted to indulge and see what the hype was about with the new movie Magic Mike.  So we planned for dinner at my favorite Mexican place (and margaritas, of course, since they are half price on Tuesday and Thursdays--I know, WHAT a deal!) and then head over to the theater.

Dinner was amazing, as always, and the drinks were amazing, as always.  We had excellent conversation that didn't revolve around our daughters and it was just nice to have that break.  So we were late about fifteen minutes for the movie--but I'm not sure that it would have made any difference.  I'm pretty sure that there was no plot--or story--whatsoever.  I mean, who goes to Magic Mike for a story, right?!  So I can't say that I was disappointed.  I hated Matthew McConaughey's character.  But he sure looks good!  Just wish I could have muted his mouth.  Mr. Tatum, ummm, wow.  I saw him in The Vow and didn't see the hype.  I see it now!  I sure do see it now!

I realize that nights like these are what girls night out are all about.  Have dinner and seeing a movie--one that my husband doesn't particularly care to see.  And being home at a decent hour, and sober.  A year ago, I would have thought that coming in at 3 a.m. after a night of drinking was the ideal girls night out.  Not so much, anymore.  I feel so much more "grown up" these days.

This morning we hit a yard sale--the only one we could find, thanks to the heat--and scored big time on the 2T clothes for fall.  She's wearing 12 month bottoms and 18/24 month shirts now, so I'm guessing that 2T will be about right for fall.  This yard sale was very nice.  Everything was ironed, nicely folded, labeled with kind of sale.  So I spent about $15 and got 5-6 shirts and one pair of jeans.  She chose about 5 books too...and think we got a pretty good deal!

We then hit a local dance shop to get her a new ballet leotard.  Unfortunately, there were only like 2 that fit her, so we got the pink one (of course) and I'm now kicking myself for not getting the other one too.  I knew that spending $80 on dance wear would blow the clothing budget and then some.  Had to have self control!  I need to check ebay for stuff like this.

So, that's our Friday in a nutshell.  How did you spend yours?

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