Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Monday Funday!

This sounds whack, I know, but I sure wish that I was still sick with gall stones.  I look back on those pictures and wish that I could look like that again.  I don't remember if I wasn't eating or maybe just wasn't using the food I ate, but dang!  I wanna look like that again!

I'm just about to reach that point of "okay, I've had enough" with my weight.  And until I reach that point, it's hard to do anything about it.  I have to be completely FED up before I'll move.  The last two days, I have gotten up at 5:45 to give me a half hour to go walking before Richie leaves for work.  That half hour is more for my mental health than physical though.  I am walking briskly, blaring iTunes in my ears, clearing my head.  Today my play list bounced from S&M by Brit Brit to High Enough by the Damn Yankees.  I know, right?!  And all the while, I was daydreaming that Charlie Tango would come flying down from the sky and Mr. Grey would be picking me up for a date.  Yeah, yeah, dream on!

I have read so much about the 300/30 challenge, or whatever it is, and I even tried it yesterday.  I almost died on my bedroom floor only 50 reps in.  It was sad.  And made me feel even more discouraged.  So for now, I am setting the pace pretty simple.  My 30 minute walk/hopefully working up to a run, and simple crunches.  Baby steps.

I highly doubt that I'll ever make it back to what I looked like a few months post giving birth, but man, I would like to try!
Makes me ill.  Three months after having a baby and I was this thin....  Hard not to beat myself up a bit.  This whole getting old thing isn't going well!

Yesterday, I took Kage to a new (to us) farm and oh boy, it was awesome.  It's about fifteen minutes from where we live and I must have been living under a rock to not know about it.  Like I had mentioned before, I have been scoping the kid scenes for cheap/free summer events to partake in with my girl.  This farm had a free day yesterday...and believe or not, it was not at all crowded. Kinley was in heaven.  They had a carousel, pony rides, train rides, tractor rides, animals!  The girl was loving it!  And, with no crowd, so rode the rides over and over with no wait.
Stopped for a quick hair trim on our way

Kinley checking out the one room school house museum on site

Here she is riding the pony named Peanut Butter

She loves him!

"Heehaw" calling the donkey

Her beautiful hair!

Had to ride Chip too


Anxiously waiting for the choo choo to pick her up

They offer season passes and I have a feeling that we need to invest in that.  What a fun place to go and so close to home!

Last night we had her 2.5 year well check.  Dr. Natalie is so amazing and we are so fortunate to have found her.  We had a great scare a few months ago when she announced that she was leaving the practice.  I was in tears over it.  But the rumor mill began to roll and we heard that she was opening her own practice.  She confirmed last night that it is true and she will be opening a "small town" feel office including home calls.  And she is focusing on holistic care, which is what I prefer.  Win/Win.  The visit went very well and Kinley a.k.a. "Dr. Malwi" (she insisted that she was Dr. Natalie) did great with her two vaccinations.  I however, didn't do well.  I really, really didn't want her to get any, but Dr. N reassured me that it would be okay.  And so far, (knock on wood), she hasn't had a reaction.
She had to bring her doctor supplies to her appointment
That was our day, in a nut shell.

Today we have nothing on the agenda, aside from the mundane grocery shopping, bank run and library.  Tonight is family library night but Richie has a work thing to attend.  I think that her and I may go after dinner.

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