Thursday, May 31, 2012

Look Both Ways

School is out in one day and 105 minutes.  But who's counting?

I haven't been able to blog, let alone breathe, for the last year.  I was in the crunch of student teaching and then my first teaching job and it really left not much else.  I spent every available moment with my family.  I guess that worked because over the weekend I realized that it was the anniversary (that isn't even the right word) of the weekend when I thought I hated my husband.  Yes, that's right.  One year ago, Memorial Day weekend, I thought that I was done with him. Ready to hit the hills and start anew.

So much can change in a year.  And luckily, that phase in life passed.  And we are quickly approaching the days when I realized that it was worth staying and it was worth fighting for....and maybe we'll celebrate.

I wish that I could fill in all of the gaps between now and then, but I would be crazy to try.  A day hasn't gone by that I didn't think of a blog that I wanted to publish.  And at the same time, I feel like I need to retrain myself on blog writing.  Who knows if I even "have it" it like riding a bike?

Are the readers still there?

My last day of school is Monday the 4th.  Kinley's last day of day care is on Friday the 8th.  I am taking 4 days of a mommy vacation, of sorts.  I am going to be reading (I have a whole pile of books to get to) and blogging.  Oh, I can't wait to sit and write for a whole day.  And read!  I have so many blogs to catch up on!

I hope that you're still along for the ride, it's far from over!


jinnie said...

I'm here, I'm here! Yay!!! I've been wondering when you will have enough time to come back. :) I'm happy to hear that things at home are happy. Of course time with your family is more important, but I sure missed reading your posts (and seeing adorable pictures of little Miss KG). :)

Amanda said...

Still here Joy! I want to hear all about your first year teaching! Do you have a job for the fall yet, or are you still figuring that all out? I hope Kinley is doing well!

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