Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I have hope

Jealousy sure sucks, doesn't it?

I even hate to admit it sometimes because it makes me feel so pathetic.  I mean, jealousy is not a good thing to feel.  Nothing really good comes from it. 

I can't help but to feel some sort of jealousy when I see people that have "done it right."  They were "most likely to succeed" in high school....or were just really good students.  They then graduated and went to a great school where they finished, with honors.  And then they landed a super great job and earned an awesome salary. 

A few years later, they marry the person that they have been with since college.  And, as if it were clockwork....two years later, a baby comes along.  To complete the whole picket fence idea, you know.

People that just seem to have done it right.  The way that it was supposed to be done.

Am I the only one that sees things like that?  maybe.

I got things done....  I have the marriage, the perfect daughter, the college degree, the great salary and good job....but I still feel myself saying that it's not enough.

And I guess that it's a good thing that it's not enough...because it keeps me reaching for higher and brighter stars.

I just wish that I could be content/satisfied with the choices that I made and the paths that I took.  It may not have been the right path or the best path, but it was the one that I paved.

I have so many "coaches" in my corner these days.  We have our marriage counselor that we're seeing, like, once a month.  We have a parenting coach.  I see my personal counselor.  And now, a financial coach. 

How can I fail?

We met our financial coach last night.  Talk about amazing.  I found her from the Dave Ramsey website.  If you remember, we took the Financial Peace University class at our church.  We loved what the program taught.  We loved the plan.  We loved the idea.  But we took it no further that the class.  We didn't know what to do next.  We have irregular pay because of my husband's job and that makes budgeting very difficult.

After speaking with the financial coach, we feel on our feet again.  She's going to work with us for six months to get us on the up and up.  She will write our budget and give each dollar a name.  Everything we bring in, will have a purpose.  I can't wait.  She thinks that we'll be out of debt, including my huge student loan, by December 31, 2013. 

Honestly, I don't see it. 

But if she does....I am with her!  Even if she can get us close, I'm with her.

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