Monday, January 16, 2012

Don't let the blog bite you!

A glimpse at our weekend.

I am feeling so torn with this whole blog thing.  Now that I am teaching, I feel that it may be too risky to continue sharing.  And if I were to continue sharing, I almost feel that I couldn't be as real as I like to be on my blog.  I already have co-workers asking me to be friends on Facebook and allowing them in on my Facebook would eventually lead them here.  And while I am not the least big ashamed or embarrassed of anything I have ever blogged about....I just don't know if I want them that close. 
I have read of too many teachers losing their jobs and ruining their reputation because of blogging--or what was said on the blog.
It's always been my policy to not blog about my students or work--at all.  And I think that I've held up to that.

But let's face it, Google "teacher fired for blog" or "teacher fired for facebook" and the results are numerous.  It's just scary. 

I would sure hate to have my beloved blog be the one to bite me in the end.  And when you work as hard and as long as I did to get this surely don't want to risk losing it.

So what is a girl to do?


Amanda said...

As long as your not blogging about work or the kids you teach I would think that there would be no grounds for anyone to stand on for firing. I say continue to blog but keep it family related. I can relate a bit because I can't blog about work either because of being in healthcare.

Amanda said...

I get your worries too, I stress about it too sometimes. I've tried to make it a point not to link my blog to my full name or facebook to keep a little privacy. I also make sure I don't blog specifics about my kids...don't give up on the blog, I will miss you!!!!

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