Thursday, December 1, 2011

I'm a third grade teacher!

I know, I know.  I already told you that I got hired and am now a teacher.  Like, a real  that will earn a real paycheck.  I know, I know.  But today I officially completed my student teaching requirements.  I am technically done with student teaching.  My supervisor came in to do my last observation and brought all of the university paperwork for me to sign off on.... and it truly was like buying a home:  read and sign, read and sign, read and sign, initial here, here and here.....  Shake my hand and congratulations!

I wanted to celebrate.  I wanted to shout and dance and enjoy my moment.  But the twenty-two students staring back at me would have thought I was nuts.

Because to them, I am a teacher already. 

The letter went home to their parents yesterday to announce that I will be the teacher for the remainder of the school year.  And today, the district welcomed me by issuing me a page full of log-in and password information complete with my own "third grade teacher" email address. 

It's finally real.

I just wish that graduation was now.  The university made a very stupid decision for the December and May graduates to have a combined ceremony and will be compacting all graduates into one ceremony come May.  I know.  I am not happy.  Someone obviously forgot to ask for my opinion on this one.  It's totally not fair for the December graduates to have to WAIT till May to walk.  And it's not fair to all of the graduates to have that many people crammed into ONE ceremony.  We're going to be there all the ding-dong day!  Not a good choice, Mr. University Decision Maker!

On another note, I am single-handedly trying to polish off a bag of Dove Promise chocolates.  Have you tried these things?  Whoa.  They are so freakin' good.  And yes, I have read each promise as if it were written for me.  I nod and say "thank you" as I shove the chocolate into my mouth to savor the amazing chocolaty-ness.  Because truly, "Shut the world out for just one moment." is just what I needed to hear.  I mean, don't we all need to hear that?! 

The big party is this weekend.  As in, like, three days.  Oh my gosh.  Such anxiety.  My baby is two, people.  She is TWO.  Hold me.

I think that I have most everything ready to go....aside from a Sam's trip for finger foods on Sunday morning.  And the helium balloon run.  I may just buy one of those little tanks.  Not too sure.  I know that I'm making myself crazy with the details....but, well....have you met me?  I tend to over-analyze and over-think things on the daily.  So yeah, nothing new.

We took Kage to Party City to pick up some last minute items for her party.  She was loving the independence that the basket gave her.  She was able to shop around and choose what she wanted to put into her favor boxes.

I still have to finish the cupcake toppers--but I'm thinking that those will be the perfect job to keep me busy for the six hour car ride.  And I just know that she's going to cry the w.h.o.l.e. way.  And we're going to get into town at midnight.  ugh.  And she'll be on an excitement high when we get there and will surely but up till 2 or 3 a.m.  Sooooo, I'm looking at a 24 hour day tomorrow.  So excited.  Can you tell?  ugh.

Her birthday outfit *with boots* arrived this week and can I just take a minute to swoon.  This outfit is *to die for*!  I can not wait to share it.  Ya'll are going to love, love, love it.  I took it to work today and the ladies went crazy for it.  I can't wait to show you pictures.  The girl that made it is a friend of mine and as a gift to Kage, she made her this shirt. Can you even imagine how much I love this?!  I mean, it's more like a gift to me.  Seeing her nickname on a shirt is like, so super cool.  Ahhhh, my girl.  My Kage.

My little Miss Independence has to do everything herself.  And if you question her, she'll tell you.  "No, Kinley do it.  Myself."  Everything has to be herself.  Or "self."  Her breakfast, her bath, her clothes, her diaper.  That's a fun one.  Tonight at dinner, she was refusing her food because she wanted a plate like mommy and daddy.  Not her plate.  So, I did what any mom in control would do. 

I switched her. 

I mean, who wouldn't want to eat on a plate like this:
Jealous.  Aren't you?

She then ate her dinner.

She's a spit-fire.  That is for-sure.  But God love her...she's my heart and soul.  I love her so much.  So, so much.  She's my life.  She's more than that.  You really can't even describe it, can you?

We're just working through these wonderful 2s.  She's learning and growing so fast...and we're rolling with the punches. 

My baby is two. 


Amanda said...

Congrats again, it is so exciting to get your first teaching job! You can blog about it all you want :) Sorry, you have to wait until May, that does stink. I can't believe your little Kage is going to be 2, how exciting/scary!!!! Have fun with her party.

Ronni said...

I must have missed your announcement that you got hired. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

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