Sunday, November 27, 2011

Traveled Out

We both said that this traveling has got to slow down.  We even made it a New Years resolution last year.  But I guess making it a resolution made it sure to fail, right?  Having both families living a good distance away means that we are destined to travel for every holiday.  There has to be an easier way. 

Having my family a few hours closer than his allowed us to make it their way for a Thanksgiving Saturday celebration.  We are doing a double celebration next weekend at his hometown:  Thanksgiving and Kinley's birthday.  And then the following weekend we are back at my mom's house for Kinley's birthday--round 2 as well as my family holiday celebration.

We then have a weekend off and at home before gearing up for windshield time again for Christmas. 

I am exhausted just thinking about it.  And poor Kinley---she gets so frustrated with all of the traveling.  And I can't blame her.  I couldn't imagine being stuck in a 5 point harness for six hours.  Ugh.  We do make a stop for her to stretch about half way.

When we buy our home (hopefully soon!), we will be staying home and hosting.  Not every year, maybe.  But most years.  It's not fair for Kinley to be on the road so much.  There is just no room for anyone in our apartment now, so traveling is really our only option.  Our home will have plenty of room for both sides of the family.  I. can. not. wait.  I am so tired of traveling.  So very tired.

I am ready for January to come so that we can have a few weeks at home.  I really don't *love* this apartment, but I miss being home.  Cooking at home.  Grocery shopping.  Cleaning.  Living.  I just want to relax on my couch.  And sleep in my bed.

Tonight, Kinley was so very excited to be back at home and able to play with her toys.

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Ronni said...

I *hate* that the young families are ALWAYS expected to travel. The year that Adam and I didn't travel? We caught hell from all sides. It's like, why can't they understand that maybe we want to relax and enjoy the holidays without being stressed and moving ALL THE FREAKING TIME.

This Christmas will be nice. We're flying a couple people in. But already, my mom is saying "NEXT YEAR YOU'LL BE HERE."


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