Saturday, December 17, 2011

I'm like popcorn...

I have been sitting here reading my favorite blogs for over an hour and decided to just hit that old "Post" button and write one of my own.  Blogging has totally taken a back seat here lately and I don't know why.  It truly is a love in my life and something that I so dearly need.  This is such an outlet for me....but somehow there is just never a spare moment to splurge.

My job is going very well.  Great pay and great benefits?  What's not to love? Oh, and winter break starts after school on Tuesday.  I am off for about two weeks.  Yes, that is splendid.

Kinley is fantastic.  Perfect.  Crazy!  TWO!  We took her to see Santa today and I must say that it was so much better than last year.  So. much. better.  Remember last year?
Yeah...she wasn't liking the jolly ole' fat guy too much then.

This year...

A little more tolerant. She just really wanted the candy.

Her party was a great success and she really enjoyed herself.  I wish I could have taken more pictures but the time just flew by and my camera never really found me during the party. 

How sad is it that I can't wait for Christmas to get over with?  It's true.  I want it to come and go.  Quick-like.  Mostly because this weekend, we had a taste of not traveling.  And no joke, it is the first weekend in months that we've been home.  Well, home with no major plans.  We commented earlier that this is the first nap that Kin has taken in her bed since....well, we can't remember the last time.  It's been that crazy in our lives lately.

After Christmas, no more traveling.  Did you hear that?

I just put my foot down.  Hard. 

Are you making resolutions, or goals, as I like to call them, for 2012?  What are they?  I have a few.  I'll share soon.  Maybe. I sometimes don't like to gives me too much accountability.  And I don't do too well with that.  Too much pressure to do what I say I'm going to do!  :)

It's my goal during my winter break to catch you all up on the happenings in my head.  Or if nothing else, to just get them out of my head and into this old blog of mine.  It's time that it does what it was intended to do.....


Ronni @ Anywhere Is said...

I always enjoy reading your posts. So glad the job is going well. I LOVE pix of babies crying on Santa's lap. They crack me up! :)

Amanda said...

Glad the new job is going well, you must be crazy busy! I love this year's picture with Santa, she looks so sweet (... maybe I just think that because I looked at the screamer picture right before... nope, she's just really cute)

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