Friday, December 23, 2011

Expanding Tradition

This video highlights what will  become our newest tradition. 

Kinley loves Christmas lights and refers to them as "pretties."  When we drive through town, she ooohs and aaahs over the lights in our downtown. 

Last night, we booked a babysitter from 9-12 with plans of hitting the local pub and having a relaxing time.  Well, one beer and an hour into it and we were bored.  I had the bright idea to just go riding around (one of my favorite things to do) aimlessly and look at Christmas lights. 

We happened upon this house, out in the "country" not too far from where we live.  Their lights are synchronized to a private radio station.  Not only is this house absolutely breath-taking, but the light show is just tremendous.  Last night, we arrived so late that we were able to drive right up and sit and watch for about a half hour.

Tonight, we knew that we had to take Kage.  Unfortunately, the line wasn't so easy this time.  We were stuck in a line about a mile long.  Yikes.  It took some time to get close enough to enjoy it fully but it was a great time, regardless.

I think that we may have our new tradition for Christmas Eve Eve.  Christmas lights to music!

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