Monday, November 21, 2011

They say it's your birthday, na na na, na, na, na!

Yes, it's that day.  That rolls around each year.  Ugh.  I am 33.  That sounds so old!  But I really don't feel old.  Well, aside from the snap, crackle and pop sound that my knees make when I get on the floor with Kage.  But I blame that on an old skipping school incident back in my high school days.  :) 

My husband got me a beautiful necklace and my mom got me a bag of fun things including super soft jammies, a variety of Little Miss Matched socks and my perfume:  DKNY Pure.  It's been a wonderful day!  To top it off, it's field trip day at school.  Yikes!  Third graders taking on the aquarium in Chicago.  Hold me!

Want to give me a super fine gift too?  Easy!  Just click on the Google Friend Connect there on the right.  Done!  It would make me so happy to have you on my list of readers!  Then comment and tell me that you are here with me! 

Happy 33 to me!

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