Monday, November 21, 2011

Go Away!

My daughter is a snob.

We had a girl come over tonight to interview for babysitting.  She was phenomenal.  Loved her so much.  Kinley?  Not so much.

The minute she came in and sat down, Kinley dove into my crotch and starting screaming, "I'm shy!  I'm shy!" and if Audrey tried talking to her, she would scream louder.  "I'm shy!  I'm shy!"

I was so embarrassed.

She was on her worst behavior.

She eventually began to warm up to her.  Showed her a few of her books and I got our her Uno Moo game for her to practice her colors.  Audrey (the sitter) is a graduate student studying speech pathology so I was trying to get a free speech analysis from her while we were at it.  Kinley would rip the Uno Moo pieces out of her hand if she tried to play with her.

I made her apologize and tell her that she was sorry.  "Sowwy," she would say.  I would then scold her and tell her that we use nice words with our friends.  She sassed me and said, "I said I was sowwy!" 

My child is a snob.

She then proceeded to whisper "go away" to her. 

That has been her phrase for some time and she gets a time out when she says it.  Now, she thinks that whispering makes it okay.  So she kept whispering, "go away" to her. 

I think that she's on to the fact that when someone comes over, mommy and daddy leave. 

Surprisingly, the girl agreed to give it a try.  We absolutely loved her.  Our little snob didn't, I guess.  So we'll have to see how this goes on the 9th when she watches her for my work Christmas party.  Fingers crossed.
Is it bad that I already dread her teen years?

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